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How to Change Username on TikTok?

Do you actually know, how to change username on Tik Tok? If you don’t, use the advice of other users! Here you can not only watch videos or publish your own video, but also communicate with other users on any interesting topics.

It is always possible to get acquainted with the list of various unique Tik Tok girl usernames. It will be useful if the user cannot come up with the nickname themselves. In any case, the social network has recently gained popularity. And the uniqueness of your name will play a major role in the subsequent promotion of your account. Therefore, it should be approached as responsibly and creatively as possible.

How to Change Username on TikTok?


  • TikTok: unique usernames and the right choice
  • How to change a name in the social network quickly and with no problems
  • TikTok: target audience and usernames
  • Why would you need a TikTok nickname change?

TikTok: unique usernames and the right choice

The social network TikTok is considered to be one of the most interesting services for a large number of TikTok fans of short video clips. There is also such a useful function as karaoke. Among the users here you can find various individuals. All of them have their unique Tik Tok usernames. But Tik Tok user search is a simple and easy task due to the uniqueness of the name.

The number of network accounts increases with each day. There is no surprise about it! Regardless of this, there are situations when it is necessary to change your nickname urgently. The reasons could be of any kind! For example, during the registration, the user has accidentally entered incorrect data. How to change the nickname quickly?

Here there are some peculiarities and tricks. But in any case, the chosen nickname should reflect the essence and be unique.

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How to Change Username on TikTok?

How to change a name in the social network quickly and with no problems

Changing the TikTok name will not take long. Of course, it concerns changing your own nickname. The user could be just unhappy about the previously selected name. So what to do? To change the name or nickname, visit the “Profile settings” section. There is a button called "Update". After tapping it, you can proceed to the updating.

The social network TikTok has its own rules that must be followed by all users without exception. Naturally, the change of both name and nickname is allowed, but this cannot be done at any time. For example, you can change your nickname only once for 30 days. Repeated change during this period is strictly forbidden.

As for the name, it can be changed daily. It all depends on the user preferences. For updating photos, name or nickname, visit "Edit profile" section. All actions here are simple and easy to perform.

The whole process of changing data does not take long. The main thing is to choose the most suitable nickname. If the account owner is currently allowed to change the name, there will appear a picture with a pencil next to the corresponding field. For the introduction of new data tap this button. Afterwards the menu will open.

In some cases, when solving a problem, it may be necessary to enter your password. Although this does not happen often. Sometimes the system sends a personal code to the user. Usually it is sent to the phone number indicated in the account. After that, you will only need to confirm your action, and the process of changing the name can be considered completed.

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TikTok: target audience and usernames

Tik Tok target audience is diverse. They choose various original names. Often you cannot do without changing the nickname. There could be plenty of reasons for this. Anyways, you can always change your nickname or name yourself.

If you come across any slightest problem when changing it, you can always ask for help from Technical Support. Specialists will answer all questions you have.

The selection of nickname should be taken responsibly. The network can find a lot of interesting options that are intended not only for girls, but also, respectively, for boys. Therefore, there should be no problems with choosing the nickname. The main thing is that it should be easy to remember, eye-catching and simple.

How to Change Username on TikTok?

Why would you need a TikTok nickname change?

The uniqueness and recognition of the nickname can play a huge role in the subsequent promotion of your own account. Thanks to this, it is possible to simplify the search for a specific user. But the reasons for changing the name may be of any kind. For example, first of all it is worth noting the following options:

  • The user comes up with a more unique and recognizable name.
  • During registration, there was a typo in the nickname.
  • The user does not like the older name any more.
  • The nickname does not contribute to the promotion of the account and does not correspond to the current achievements.

Thus, TikTok is one of the most popular social networks where you can watch various videos and chat to people!

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