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Telegram is Convenient, Fast and Safe

Telegram appeared in 2016 and quickly gained popularity. Millions of users from all over the world prefer to use this messenger for communication. But it gained its second popularity in the Russian-speaking world. In this article we will analyze the features of Telegram, how to get members in Telegram channel, how to increase post views on Telegram for business promotion and other useful nuances that make this application even more popular.


  • Creation of Telegram
  • Key features and benefits of Telegram
  • Full confidentiality
  • Unique functionality
  • Ability to exchange files of any type and size
  • No restrictions
  • Ability to work with more than one OS
  • Telegram for successful business
  • How to get get unlimited group members

Telegram is Convenient, Fast and Safe

Creation of Telegram

The creator of one of the newest messengers is a businessmen and programmer Pavel Durov. The number of daily messages at this communication platform has exceeded 10 billion. Even the Pope of Rome is a member of the Telegram Channel and has his posts there.

Some time ago, communicating with his brother, Pavel was depressed by the impossibility of secure transmitting of personal information because of the problems with confidentiality arising every time. Afterwards, the most secure communication platform of our time, Telegram, appeared. It is based on the MTProto encryption technology and it was developed by the programmer Nikolai Durov, Pavel's brother. Even Pope Francis uses Telegram, he has his own channel about fasting here.

Key features and benefits of Telegram

Full confidentiality

Today, this messenger is the most secure one. You stay there if you want your correspondence to remain unread: no one will find it. The Telegram team took care of this really well, trying to ensure their users were completely satisfied. One of the Durov brothers offered big money to a hacker who would find access to their correspondence. One of the software hackers did find some flaws in the system, however, the main goal, breaking the correspondence and login, has never been achieved. Therefore, Telegram today is by right the most secure communication platform.

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Unique functionality

On this platform, you can create and then install any author's additions or make your own changes to the app. For example, most companies have program bots. For business, this can be successful in terms of branding, and also contribute to the formation of the company's image and engaging the audience non-stop.

Ability to exchange files of any type and size

In contrast to other existing instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber), Telegram is almost free of any restrictions in the size and format of the data uploaded to its server. Users have chance to share any files without any obstacles and very quickly.

No restrictions

It depends on how comprehensively the capabilities of this messenger are perceived. If we compare Telegram to any other service, where very fast messaging with textual or graphical content is also available, the conclusion suggests itself: today it is the only communication platform that has absorbed all the functionality demanded by modern users. Among other things, when using it, there is no need to spend anything, there are no extensions or additional features required.

Telegram is Convenient, Fast and Safe

Ability to work with more than one OS

This application can be installed on different devices, it could also be run as a program installed on PC.

Telegram for successful business

All the above-mentioned advantages of Telegram allow to be sure that such instant messenger today is one of the best, and not only for private communication, but also for business. Millions of users each month provide organizations and companies with high traffic of their main resources. Most brands (and their number is growing) prefer this instant messenger, using it as the main channel for communication with customers and the most efficient platform for integrated promotion.

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How to get unlimited group members

If you like to work in team, in a group with other people, then with the help of Telegram you can create "super-groups", which will include an unlimited number of users. And with each subsequent update, this number will only grow.
You can create and then publish your own anonymous micro-blog. There is also the possibility of posting various videos in various public channels. Videos will be available to the public directly by the URL, and even to those users who have no accounts in Telegram. Any created content can be used at the most popular social networks. To get Telegram post views and to increase them is an important indicator of member engagement, an assessment of how good the channel is.

And to get Telegram post veiws, make posts regularly, trying to draw attention to yourself - the profile picture should be filled with maximum meaning. Do not forget to experiment, to submit content in a new way: it should not be allowed to be boring. Remember that people like changes, but within reasonable limits, otherwise you can, on the contrary, only scare the Telegram channel members off.


It is obvious why the social networks audience chooses Telegram. And this is only the beginning, the advantages of this communication platform have been discussed in this article. However, the Telegram functionality is developing actively and quickly, and users get the opportunity to master the newest functions. Therefore, in the nearest future, Telegram will be with us along the way.

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