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Polls and Voting in Telegram

Sometimes on the forums you can see the question, where to buy Telegram poll votes. But why would you need them? One can find polls and voting for members in popular Telegram channels. Channel owners create them in order to increase the number of online readers. A large audience allows good earnings. After all, the growing number of Telegram post views for business promotion is more efficient. Therefore, the channel owners try to use all the tricks for the number of group members for Telegram continues growing quickly. Some users are even willing to buy poll votes for Telegram promotions.


  • What is a poll and a voting on Telegram? What is the difference?
  • How to make voting on Telegram
  • How to create a poll on Telegram
  • Why Telegram members are needed
  • Giveaways, contests, lotteries
  • Free apps and backlinks to other social networks
  • Paid ways of promoting your Telegram account

Polls and Voting in Telegramм

What is a poll and a voting on Telegram? What is the difference?

Some owners of the Telegram channels believe that you can get more poll votes than in voting. But in fact, both in polls and voting, the number of followers plays an important role. The difference between voting and polls is in the offered response options. In poll there is choice between two answers “yes” or “no”. In quiz, users respond to a question with up to 10 answer options.

How to make voting on Telegram

Creating voting in a Telegram group is easy. You can use a special bot called PollBot for voting. It helps to arrange questions for the channel, as well as the answers options. After voting, PollBot can independently calculate the results of voting and announce the results. But you should add the bot PollBot to the group first. If the bot sends any message, the reply will arrive with the opportunities of this automated page, as well as working commands. It is important to remember that PollBot cannot simultaneously monitor two or more votings. If this page is not OK for the promotion of your account, use a more functional assistant called QuanBot.

How to create a poll on Telegram

The poll can be placed in chat, group or channel. Creating polls is available not only from a PC, but also from smartphones. Although the instructions on creating it are different. In fact, any group member can create a poll in a chat or group. While in Telegram channel, creating a poll can be done only by its owner. The “poll creation” function is there in Telegram settings. But you can use the QuanBot bot and add it to the group.

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Why Telegram members are needed

Members are important for Telegram, as well as for other social networks, for increasing earnings. The more people subscribe to the channel, the more potential customers will learn about the products and services offered. If the channel is not selling anything, its owner can earn on advertising. Advertisers pay well to the users having a thousand or million audience. Therefore, a large number of members is necessary for everyone who wants earning money on Telegram channel or group. But besides voting and polls there are other ways of increasing the online audience.

Giveaways, contests, lotteries

The organization of various contests contributes to the number of followers growth. Repost contests or giveaways with prizes for the best comment have always been popular among the social network users. Use your goods or services as a prize, and also discounts from partners or gift certificates. The main condition for participation in the giveaway is the subscription to a specific Telegram channel or joining the group. Such events could be organized from time to time for increasing the online public regularly.

Polls and Voting in Telegramм

Free apps and backlinks to other social networks

You can install free apps to increase the number of members. With the program, you can increase not only the number of followers, but also the number of likes, comments, and reposts. Although the app does not require payment, but you will have to spend much time to score a lot of points. Each score is exchanged for the desired option.

In addition to the free apps, you can promote your Telegram account using other social networks. If there are high-rated profiles in other social networks, you can leave there a link to the Telegram channel and talk about the benefits of a subscription.

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Paid ways of promoting your Telegram account

If you don’t have a chance and wish to spend your personal time on the free apps, you can use advertising services. But advertising can cost a lot, if the user has a huge number of subscribers.

Still there is a much cheaper way. Just use the paid services specializing in promotion of Telegram accounts. For example, the popular promotion service All-SMM. The cost of services is low, and discounts are offered to the regular customers. You can choose packages of services and pay less. Experienced professionals will do their job in the shortest time. They have extensive experience in the promotion of accounts in the social networks. And only allowed methods of promotion can be used.

Choosing a way to increase the popularity of a Telegram channel or group, evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages, read the forums and articles. But as reviews of popular bloggers show, the social media promotion service is the most convenient way.

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