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Telegram: Advantages and Features of Channel Promotion

Social networks and instant messengers are not just a means of communication any more. Today they are actively used for product promotion and income. The more members there are on the channel, the more successful is the marketing campaign, so many people wonder how to get Telegram group members online quickly.


  • Telegram as a crypto platform
  • ICO date
  • Advantages of the new block chain platform
  • Channels about cryptocurrency
  • Ways of boosting up followers
  • Promotion by yourself
  • Services for cheating followers

Telegram: Advantages and Features of Channel Promotion

Telegram as a crypto platform

A few years ago, the founders of the service Pavel and Nikolai Durov announced Telegram ICO. Pavel Durov has repeatedly stated that the messenger does not and will never have advertising, correspondingly, he consciously refuses from the main source of income in any social network. Therefore, ICO is the only reliable and efficient way to raise money for the development of the project.

ICO date

A development plan has been drawn for 2018 and 2019, thus the Telegram ICO date deadline is in a year and a half. For the first and second quarters of 2019, it is planned to create an ecosystem and launch crypto-services. Last year, there were implemented such steps as launching virtual passports, testing TON, auditing security system and integrating a cryptograph into Telegrams.

Advantages of the new block chain platform

The owners of Telegram believe that the main drawback of block chains lies in the low speed of transactions. Indeed, according to this indicator, the existing block chains lag behind the international payment systems. The average bandwidth, for example, of Bitcoin, is only 9 operations per second, while MasterCard and Visa are able to process up to 40 thousand transactions at the high peak time.

Of course, such low bandwidth prevents the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. The founders of Telegram are trying to solve this problem, stating that the TON block chain they are developing will be able to process several million transactions per second.

In future, it is planned to turn the messenger into a full-fledged payment system that can replace even such giants as MasterCard or Visa, and there will be no need to wait for the transactions from other states for a week.

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Channels about cryptocurrency

Channels that publish crypto signals for the market growth have become particularly popular in the messenger. Crypto pump group on Telegram is a platform that allows traders to quickly receive information about the exchange rate.

There are several types of crypto signals:

• Paid crypto signals;

• Free signals.

Commercial structures sell these cryptocurrency signals to the market newbies who find it difficult to independently understand the details of the rate changes.

It was the dissemination of information in this messenger that turned out to be the most convenient means of communication for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts, which allows creating artificial demand for an asset. There is only one drawback: it is difficult for a beginner to track if the pump-group administrator is honest in case his only goal is his own enrichment.

The demand is formed based on the basic principles that you need to know if you are going to use Telegram for making money on cryptocurrency:

• Creating a pump-group, where you will need to attract a large number of followers;

• Posts about what currency to buy.

• The emergence of artificial demand, which increases the value of the currency.

• Sale of coins.

• Returning the rate to its initial position.

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Telegram: Advantages and Features of Channel Promotion

Ways of boosting up followers

Many companies have their own successful channels in the messenger. They had to make a big effort to get followers, track the news and other materials published there. After all, nobody knows about the newly created channel. If you are interested in creating your own group dedicated to cryptocurrencies or any other topic, learn the options of promotion.

There are only two main ways: promotion by yourself and cheating with the help of the specialized services.

Promotion by yourself

Independent promotion can be carried out in several stages:

1. Share the channel with friends on Telegram.

2. Add any directory, write some bright messages in the channel before that so that it does not look empty.

3. Try to find other channels on similar topics. If you can negotiate with their owners, you can advertise each other. Mutually beneficial partnership in this situation is one of the best ways of promotion.

4. Place the link in various social networks, so you can attract many friends.

5. Monitor the quality of posts carefully. Too long messages will lead to the fact that your followers will not read them to the end, and, as a result, will lose the interest.

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Services for cheating followers

It may seem that attracting many followers on your own is quite simple. In fact, this is a very long process. There is another option channel promotion, i.e. using specialized services.

This method will allow to attract followers much faster. Usually services offer low prices with pleasant offers, including:

• Planned addition of bots;

• Guarantee of non-unfollowing for a certain period;

• View of each post by a significant part of the followers;

• Natural increase of Telegram followers.

Pay the special attention to the last additional function when placing the order. In fact, the sharp increase of followers will be regarded as cheating, and Telegram, like other instant messengers and social networks, fights against it. If the service guarantees that bots boost up will not look different from the natural growth in the number of followers and views, then your channel will not be blocked.

ALL-SMM is one of the most reliable services, the use of this service allows effective promotion of the channel in a short time by the increase of all necessary indicators (views of posts, number of followers and others). The process will look as natural as possible.

Now you know about the methods of promotion of your Telegram channel. Any instant messenger is not only a means of communication, but also a way of making money. For this, it is not necessary to devote all the time to tracking the cryptocurrency signals, you can create a channel dedicated to the product or service offered. In this case, Telegram is an excellent platform for advertising.

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