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Statistics in Telegram. What Indicators Exist and how to Optimize them

Messengers are taking a lead in SMM today. Nowadays these are not only means of communication, but also a good way of earning. Modern business has been using instant messengers for a long time. Just remember ICQ. Today Telegram is the most popular due to its simplicity and the opportunities given.

Statistics in Telegram. What Indicators Exist and how to Optimize them


1. How to make money in Telegram.

2. Ways of earning money.

3. Statistics.

4. Analyzed parameters.

5. Statistics tools.

How to make money in Telegram.

Group or channel

Everyone earns the way they can in social networks and messengers. For some Telegram in general is a separate business. But there is a popular way to make money in Telegram, i.e. a group or channel.

Ways of earning money.

Advertising. Advertising third-party channels and groups on their own resource is preferred by many owners. But do not abuse it.

Paid newsletters, following, services. These are used rather often.

Selling goods and services. Channels and groups can be used for promoting your own products and services.

Selling a group or channel. Well promoted group or channel may be regarded as an asset.

Buy ready-made ones or boost them yourself.

This question is vital for many people. Promotion of a group or channel takes time. If you don’t have it, you can buy ready-made channels and groups at special exchanges.

Statistics in Telegram. What Indicators Exist and how to Optimize them


In any kind of business, analytics is very important. There are various online services for working with Telegram. Analytics is carried out according to different parameters. Using these tools you can quickly assess the situation and make the right decision about the adjustment.

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Analyzed parameters.

Analyzing a group or channel will be more efficient for its use and promotion. How to promote a resource if you do not know whether there is traffic or not, whether the users are added or their number remains the same, and if added, how often. The owners of channels and groups get puzzled by these questions. Online statistics tools allow you tracking some parameters:

1. Users growth. You can see how many users have joined the channel during a certain period of time.

2. The number of posts views.

3. The average number of views per post. This parameter allows to determine if the subject published on the channel or in the group is interesting. Increasing this number may attract additional members.

4. Citation index. Many SEO professionals are familiar with this concept. This indicator is compiled based on references to a channel or group.

There are other various indicators needed for calculating the necessary pros and cons of the group and refining them. Simply adding material and viewing the number of members of the group does not allow to determine how interesting the material was for them. But this is important. Even if the resource contains a large number of users following it, but the information is not interesting for them, there will be no effect from the group or channel.

Statistics in Telegram. What Indicators Exist and how to Optimize them

Statistics Tools

Nowadays there are several tools offered for viewing statistics. Some of them give a general analysis, others notify about specific parameters.

Online services allow to check reports by a group or channel. Such services allow viewing statistics and effectively manage a channel or other resource. The same services allow you to configure automatic posts of the material. Why do you need it? When management is done by one or two channels, it is possible to publish posts manually. But when there are a lot of channels, it becomes difficult. Automatic publishing service allows you to post the desired amount of posts with no effort. Users see that the channel ‘lives’ and are happy about the new information appearing on it.

Analytics bots. The bots have become a part of the instant messengers from the very beginning. There are bots that send analytical information. It allows you to not search anywhere else, but to get the necessary data directly from Telegram. The time saved by such bots cannot be overestimated.

Modern technology opens many opportunities for business promotion. Messengers are already overtaking social networks. For this reason many people do business in Telegram. And statistics tools help in organizing this process efficiently. Professionals at All-SMM will help you to promote Telegram channel and earn in Telegram.

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