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Contests in Telegram. How to get ready and launch them

Contests in Telegram

No doubt that Telegram instant messenger is very popular now and it is possible to organize contests within its framework. With the help of these virtual events the owner of the channel can estimate its audience activity and understand what topics they are really interested in. Sometimes likes or subscribes to the channel are requested for participating in the contest but that is not the main purpose. The main idea is actually in determining the particular group format.

Contests in Telegram. How to get ready and launch them

People can subscribe or put their likes on the channel just because they like the posts and they provoke their interest. Of course, it will not be possible to organize great activity here if one does that by guess.

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Main groups of contests in the messenger

  • Guesses - the audience has to guess the numbers or words associated with the channel. If one chooses decent prizes the participant will benefit from lots of people would be eager to take part in the competition.
  • Quizzes - participants just ask some questions on various topics. This technique allows you to develop customer feedback and study the channel thoroughly.
  • Search records and pictures - among all the posts users have to find some picture, record or similar. To raise the audience’s interest one needs to come up with the appropriate clues leading your reader to the key. Gradually more and more new visitors will join the channel being excited about the search.
  • Quiz with the phrase - the owner of the channel provides the first words of the phrase offering to finish it. Subscribers, in their turn, come up with its ending. As an option, it’s better to use some popular phrases that the audience will ‘consume’.

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Contests in Telegram. How to get ready and launch them

Encouraging the audience

The audience should be encouraged on a regular basis. The more options and contests there are the better it is. The public will be interested in your contests involving their friends.

There is one question the administrators of small channels ask themselves. Where from will they get the prizes? No doubt, contests are the best way for promoting a channel same as publishing popular content. Small channels will have to buy gifts themselves and it’s better to choose not too expensive ones. It makes sense to buy bigger amount of cheaper presents so that people enjoy getting them. If there is only one winner in the contest and the prize should give the WOW effect one can try to cooperate with the administrators of other channels. Joint contests are often held not only by the beginners but also by the experienced bloggers. Both parties do not spend big money on that, only the sum they agree upon.

Let’s make everyone happy!

Some secrets of contests’ organization have been mentioned above. However, how to start your own business so that everything goes smoothly? Before organizing a contest you need to:

  • Create a general chat where all channel events are described, i.e. the date and time of the contests. It would be good to break the chat into categories with the ability of adding files and forwarding messages. This way the audience will be able to communicate to the administrator directly.
  • Describe the conditions of the competition clearly and meaningfully. It makes no sense to write useless ‘We are all serious about it’. It is necessary to get audience’s understanding. Be sure to specify the condition about the entries not corresponding to the subject of the contest, that those are deleted and users banned.
  • After creating a chat, describing all conditions, etc. you need an advertising campaign. Everything is done in a simple way: a short announcement is created on the channel’s page. There’s a link to the chat with terms of the contest.

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Contests in Telegram. How to get ready and launch them

Using Google Forms

This method is really popular and worth your attention but there are also certain difficulties. Users will have to fill in an application form for redirection to another resource. Most people as soon as they face the problem of filling out a registration form try to refuse from taking ​​part in it. Therefore, you need to have a prize biggest possible to attract more participants. There are dozens of sites for determining winners and choosing a site is a personal choice of every channel administrator. Do not forget publishing the results of the contest so that your users could see them.

To summarize, contests in Telegram are necessary and are aimed primarily at encouraging the audience and increasing the number of subscribers. You can always use a boost to expand your users’ database. If you need to buy telegram members or need telegram views boost just use all-smm.com.

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