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Tips on Instagram Content

Not always a person wants to promote an account just to get more attention from followers. Now it’s trending to conduct business through such popular social networks as Instagram. In addition, bloggers with a large number of Instagram followers often receive advantageous offers from fashion stores, beauty salons and online boutiques - by advertising things or services, you can get some clothes / services as a gift or get paid in return.

How to create an interesting popular profile? How to attract the audience and promote your account? Creating Instagram content is what we will deal with today. But do not forget about the cheat of Instagram likes - this will save your time and effort spent on independent promotion of your account.


1. What can be Instagram content

2. Information

3. Selling

4. Entertaining

5. Content plan

6. Conclusion

Tips on Instagram Content

What can be Instagram content

Before promoting your account, you must choose what your content will look like. Among the main Instagram content ideas stand out the following: information, marketing and entertainment. The most effective way is to correctly combine all the three types - to gain the trust of customers with the help of information, to provide them with products using selling posts, and then entertaining posts will be a kind of icing on the cake.

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Informational content

In order to interest someone, and then find the potential customers, it is necessary to provide customers with information. A detailed description of the product or service, how to use it, its advantages and what is most important - why they should choose you, and not someone else. It’s not necessary to write only about the product, such posts can be alternated with useful and relevant posts - there should be about 50% of such content. Additional ideas:

• the history of creating your business;

• backstage of creating products with photos;

• motivational posts - a history of failures and successes;

• reviews of similar products, testing and comparing.

Selling content

Approximately 25-30% of your business account may be occupied by selling posts - but not more! Otherwise, your profile will turn into a tedious online store. As a selling information you can show to the customers:

• promotional and discount offers;

• product reviews confirming the quality;

• stories of real customers about how they solved their problems using your products.

Entertaining content

Do not let your audience get bored - contests, opinion polls, quizzes and interesting publications with tips / life hacks on the topic of products will help a lot! Do not forget about the beautiful atmospheric posts with the wishes of a good day / evening showing your audience your love and care. It would be perfect if entertaining posts occupy about 20% of your Instagram content.

Tips on Instagram Content

Content plan

You need to be able to correctly combine all types of content - for example, you cannot post a lot of monotonous posts in a row, you cannot drastically change the design or color scheme, and many other nuances.

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You can download the Instagram content plan through special resources. Using it, you will get:

• Harmonious design of your Instagram account.

• A competent combination of all types of posts.

• The influx of new followers.

• Interesting, relevant profile content.

Initially, you have to decide what you want - a convenient platform for sales, a personal blog or a coaching profile. Then, depending on the type of content, they will help you with the selection of information, photos and the order of posting. Posts should match each other in color and style. In addition, it will be cool if you add some special feature or “zest” to your posts - for example, a small stamp with a logo, stickers or special emoticons, some background.

A good option is to pick up three main matching colors and use each one for a separate type of content. This will help the reader visually remember and associate the posts.

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The help of content management in this matter is indispensable. Do not be afraid to try, experiment and contact ALL-SMM professionals for a good advice. Good luck!

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