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The Useful on Instagram: How to Repost and Multiply Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. However, despite the huge number of users, not all features of the app are well known to the masses. There are many secrets that can make it easier to maintain blogs, that is best to start with the promotion of Instagram likes and followers.


• A bit about reposting

• Purpose

• How to make it

• The secret of multiple photos

• What it is

• How to create it

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The Useful on Instagram: How to Repost and Multiply Photos

A bit about reposting


Sometimes, when scrolling the feed of your favorite social network, we see beautiful and vivid pictures. You may like the picture so much that you would like to post it to your blog. But Instagram does not make it so simple, since the creators of the app are concerned about the copyright protection of other photographers.

If you try to save the image in some way, only a direct link to it will appear in cache. It’s a little easier to do from a computer, but you can’t upload any animations or stories by “save as”. Another option is to take a screenshot, but the resulting image will not be of good quality.

Please note that when reposting, you must manually indicate the authorship. Otherwise, the original owner has the full right to file a complaint to your account, which in its turn will lead to a ban.

How to make it

There are three answers to the question about how to repost on Instagram. The first, the easiest and the fastest one, is to film the monitor screen by phone. A similar method is used if you want to show something amazing or nasty, capturing your reaction in parallel.

The second option is using screenshots. If you want to save the video, take a few screenshots and upload them to the stories. But note that when using this method, you will lose much quality of the original image.

The third option is to use the third-party apps. You can use a program called InstaRepost.

Do the following:

• Log in to the app or select "Enter without login";

• Tap “Open Instagram”;

• Find the photo;

• Tap the three dots in the bottom right corner;

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• Find the menu item “Copy link”;

• Wait until the repost app opens automatically;

• Tap "repost";

• Look at the watermarks;

• Accept the program;

• Wait until Instagram opens;

• Publish the saved picture.

All information about the author will be applied to the photo automatically. This will save you from necessity to write a long text and a possible scandal with the author afterwards.

The Useful on Instagram: How to Repost and Multiply Photos

The secret of multiple photos

What it is

Another option to diversify your everyday content is to upload a multi-exposure to your blog. In fact, instead of one photo in a post, you can get several ones at once: from 2 to infinity.

This way you can upload multiple photos on the same subject. If you come back from a vacation where you took about 20 photos, there is no need to create a separate post for each of them. In addition, the text and all the hashtags are duplicated. Scrolling through such sets is very easy: buttons in the form of small arrows appear on the left and on the right of the picture.

How to create it

In fact, the answer to the question of how to take multiple pictures on Instagram is quite simple and concise. Start posting as you usually do. Upload the first photo and tap the “Add multiple” icon.

Select all the pictures of interest and upload them. Edit the order if necessary.

Of course, using all these tricks on a blog with 5 followers is a waste of time. It’s easier to cheat Instagram audience with the help of the specialized service first, and then create unique posts showing your imagination.

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