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How to Promote a Personal Instagram Account for Money

Today, a lot of people are registered in social networks. The most popular and most effective platform is Instagram. Here you can find online stores, food delivery services, handmade craft goods, popular bloggers. Most users sooner or later start thinking about how to promote a personal Instagram account and how to get real Instagram followers. In this article we will discuss the most effective ways to promote a personal page for money.


1. What can add to Instagram popularity

2. Available methods of promotion.

3. Is promotion for money safe?

4. Tips on popularity.

5. Conclusion.

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How to Promote a Personal Instagram Account for Money

What can add to Instagram popularity

Each Instagram user noticed in recommendations the accounts followed by hundreds of thousands of people. Of course, after visiting such pages, the question arises: "What does this indicator show?"

A large number of followers provide a good chance to earn money. How? It is very simple. If this is a business account, then all followers are the potential customers who will be able to generate income from selling goods or services. Owners of personal pages can profit from cooperation with online stores, for example, providing advertising services, photo shoots, etc.

It is worth mentioning that this can bring quite good earnings. Therefore, let's take a closer look at all currently available ways of promoting your profile.

Available methods of promotion

In the modern world, there are two main methods of promotion - the natural way and the artificial one. The first method also has the right to exist, but it will not be able to provide you with the opportunity to monetize your page in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we immediately proceed to discussing the artificial method.

There could be such variations as:

• using special services to increase the number of followers, likes, views and comments. This can be done either alternately or simultaneously. An ideal option would be the initial cheating of followers. This method will allow to get into the top list of popular accounts and provide a chance to make money almost immediately. Then you can increase the activity on the page by cheating of "hearts" in the posts, comments underneath, etc. In addition, all these manipulations will help your posts to get to the top of the news feed, to recommendations for following and promoting your profile by the Instagram administration;

• paid mass following. Certain organizations will be able to attract followers from the needed segment at an inexpensive cost. Here you can select the criteria, for example, gender, age, location, etc. You will receive an effective and active group of people who will track your posts;

• advertising by other well-known users or directly by the social network. For this, you need to contact popular bloggers who can recommend following you. And in case you provide services, you can design your page in the form of a business account and take advantage of the paid advertising provided by Instagram. This type is more focused on the desired segment.

How to Promote a Personal Instagram Account for Money

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Is promotion for money safe?

Of course, every person before using such a service, is worried whether it is safe. Could their account fall under spam analytics of the network? Could it be blocked?

It is worth noting that the services that provide the opportunity to promote your personal profile, offer both live followers and specially designed bots. These methods are safe today, as they are adapted to the portal policy. All Instagram innovations are immediately taken into account and, if necessary, are adapted to the service.

Tips on popularity

After you use the methods discussed above, it is very important not to forget to maintain the achieved result. For such purposes, there are a number of tips:

• post high quality content regularly;

• communicate with followers;

• do not be aggressive;

• provide useful information.


Today, there are many ways to achieve the popularity of the personal account. The most effective Instagram promotion services are the paid ones. Thus, you get live followers who are guaranteed to help you get to the TOP list of the social network, as well as generate income.

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