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Instruction for Bloggers: How to Make Money on Instagram

Many users are interested in how to start a blog on Instagram, how to become a blogger on Instagram and make money on it. Today, creative people or businessmen have a great opportunity to prove themselves on the Internet. Some are already earning successfully, looking back at the work in the office with horror. Isn’t it too late to enter the stream of highly paid Instagram bloggers? A bit of work and investment at the start for cheating Instagram likes and it will work out well!


• Is a blogger a profession of the future?

• Collaboration with advertisers

• Promotion of your business

• Maintenance of other accounts

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Instruction for Bloggers: How to Make Money on Instagram

Is a blogger a profession of the future?

Such a concept as “influencer” has long been known. It is a person who creates trends or opinions. Typically, such bloggers have millions or hundreds of thousands of followers, they are invited to events, interviewed, paid for reviews of cosmetics, food, household appliances and other goods. The person can definitely become an influencer, if they:

• write enticing texts;

• take beautiful photos (or are not stingy for a good photographer);

• possess charm;

• use modern Instagram trends (live streams, IGTV, stories);

• are ready to cooperate with advertisers, go to press tours, attend thematic meetings.

Most importantly, a blogger needs to regularly work on their account. Maintaining it according to the mood will not work – this way the audience can easily be lost.

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Collaboration with advertisers

You can earn on advertising of goods or services. Here, every blogger chooses whether they will advertise anything or give preference to products that correspond to the subject of the account. The prices for advertising on blogs differ depending on whether this is a post or a story, where a blogger tells about their impressions about a product or service.

Today, the first offers can be received if you have more than 5000 followers. Many advertisers believe that millionaire bloggers are too spoiled and overpriced for the ad reviews.

Promotion of your business

Becoming a blogger to talk about your company is a great idea. Not depersonalized pages with photos of furniture or doors are valued, but stories of real people. You can talk about how your working day goes, how you create a product and present it to the customer. This will attract more potential customers.

Instruction for Bloggers: How to Make Money on Instagram

Faceless accounts form the opinion that the seller craves only money and profit. If you start blogging on your own behalf, people will realize that you are ready to offer your energy, knowledge and high-quality goods or services. Naturally, this will increase the number of calls from customers and you will earn more.

Of course, all this does not eliminate the need to order advertising, use artificial methods of cheating followers and likes. You can even hire a person who will keep an account, and just send them your photos, videos. You have to invest in order to get more later. But these methods will work to the maximum if you become a blogger, and do not just create a page for your company.

Maintenance of other accounts

If you are good at posts promotion and know exactly how to become an Instagram blogger, why not start offering your services to develop other people's pages? SMM is one of the most promising areas nowadays. Find your first customers now before dumping begins. As an option of freelance, such job looks like a dream!

Instagram opens up great opportunities for earning. You can become a blogger to go on press tours and advertise products, grow your business or just make SMM promotion your profession. Choose what is right for you until others have not done it yet! And do not forget to follow your Instagram progress!

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