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How to Boost Instagram: Promotion Tips

Nowadays, beautiful photos, interesting texts are not enough to become an opinion leader and a famous blogger. But if you will be using Instagram for business and all its features to the maximum, it is quite realistic. Today we will discuss how to boost Instagram for business, and what techniques will definitely work well.


• Instagram as a business engine

• Why is hype important?

• Add interactive features

• Posts are still important

• Paid ways of promotion - how they work

How to Boost Instagram: Promotion Tips

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Instagram as a business engine

Nowadays Instagram has turned from a cozy and home-made social network to the engine for entrepreneurs and people who would like to get popular. That is why having an Instagram page is an indispensable condition for any company planning to expand its activities, not limited by the walls of the office or a certain area.

It is not possible to attract attention only by posts and a beautiful profile - readers have become quite picky in their follows. But you can always use the methods of influencing the audience, which will definitely work well!

Why is hype important?

Subjects built on hype after some event are a great way to increase the coverage of a post and bring it to the recommended section. Presidential elections, new laws on issuing visas, a plane crash, appearance of a new product in stores - all these can and should be discussed in the posts. People often comment and put likes to the posts where they have something to say to the author.

Do not forget to put “hype” hashtags, that will also attract a maximum of readers. But do not overuse such topics - they need to be alternated so that users do not form an unnecessary negative reaction when reading your posts. Nevertheless, the main tasks of Instagram are entertainment and inspiration.

Add interactive features

How does free Instagram promotion work in 2019? Use all features of this social network to the maximum. Conduct live streams, upload videos to IGTV, do not neglect stories. Ask questions in the posts, provoke people to communication. Today there are so many “silent” accounts where the authors do not respond to comments, do not write anything under the photos, but only put hashtags - this reduces interest, because the audience would like to see a personality even behind a photo of ordinary furniture advertised by an online store. Add personification and interact with the audience.

How to Boost Instagram: Promotion Tips

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You can find out which features attract more attention from statistics and get what users like most of all. There are special analytics programs rating posts and response to them.

Posts are still important

Despite the fact that modern people started reading much less, people like beautiful photos, and they still bookmark useful information. This is especially true for the Russian-speaking audience, that likes wasting their time, but with use. In the West, for example, beautiful photos with a minimum of text are more valued today. Therefore, depending on the audience you are targeting, it is worth considering even the style of the posts.

Paid ways of promotion - how they work

At the initial stage of the account development, it is advisable to use paid tools for the page promotion, such as:

cheating followers, likes, comments;

• buying ads on Instagram or from bloggers;

• organizing contests, the main condition of which is following sponsors.

You may need to hire a copywriter or a photographer if the content is not your forte. Remember that in any business, initial investments are necessary for the further development. This also works on Instagram. Remember, while you are trying to independently develop your page, competitors are already a few steps ahead. Let everyone know about yourself faster!

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