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New Format of Instagram Giveaways

Recently, the social networks started luring users with the new contests. For example, giveaways. It is a kind of contest, a competition with the obligatory fulfillment of its rules and requirements. The principle is in creating the target audience that launches a general competition. Organizers provide individual prizes and gifts. The winners are several participants, with the account numbers from 1 to N. Fast, cheap, numerous - Giveaways could be described by these three words.

New Format of Instagram Giveaways


  • Starting
  • Pattern
  • Getting ready for the competition
  • Picking up the winner
  • Advantages of the loop giveaway


After the starting time of the giveaway is decided, the event organizers simultaneously publish similar images, posters, describing the rules of a loop giveaway. The conditions must be unchanged, except for the following:

  • Profile owner describes the prizes. Leaves a link to the organizer following him on the list
  • The latter in his turn refers to the first organizer

  The next step involves visiting the members of the accounts, their follows, possibly tagging friends. They put likes and write comments under the photos. If you would like to create a loop giveaway, it has advantages over the ordinary contest procedure. In order to interest the audience, the organizers give a large number of gifts.

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A loop giveaway example is a contest with a certain prize fund. Certain discount coupons are at discretion of the organizers. In order for it to be held in a friendly atmosphere, they will announce five winners. The awards could be found out by visiting the page of each organizer. It is necessary to do simple manipulations to understand how to start a loop giveaway:

  • Be a follower of the specified account. Put like under the photo
  • Tag two friends
  • Visit the page of the next account, select the same image, follow the same steps
  • Follow the instructions of all the organizers until you find yourself at the first account

New Format of Instagram Giveaways

  The main condition is the strict fulfillment of all Instagram loop giveaway rules. This is the only way to become a full-fledged participant, to get a chance to win! Leaders are determined by selecting random numbers, with the previously agreed prizes.

Getting ready for the competition

First of all, a topic is determined, the group involved is formed correspondingly. The optimal number is ten to fifteen people in the loop. Duration varies up to ten days. The peak activity is in the first forty-eight hours. Various gifts are allowed. But better to have similar ones so that there is a target audience. Come to the general agreement with other creators. This will increase sales on the day of the event. For the better motivation, come up with an interesting, generous prize pool.

Only the network users with an approximately same number of followers can ensure a sufficient followers circle. The best option is with more than ten thousand. Further coverage will increase, the figure will grow several times. The next step will be to verify the correct information posted. In order to avoid confusion, everything must be properly designed: a sequence of links, addresses. After that, post an interesting eye-catching photo that will make people want to join a loop giveaway. The final step will be to determine when to make the post. The date should be similar for all the organizers. Otherwise, there will be a loss in the circle linking. We are done!

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Picking up the winner

The peculiarity of Instagram is that it displays only the last hundred users who put “likes”. In the case of a big event, if there are more than five hundred likes under the picture, it will not be possible to select the winners manually. Therefore, when conducting a big giveaway, it is more efficient to use a paid service with the automatic selector. Besides, one of the popular services ALL-SMM could help in the page Instagram promotion. It will save time and money. For those who are eager to earn, it is a profitable investment. The method is safe, as it increases the flow of followers. For those, who decided to choose the winners manually, it is possible to create an additional account all the participants will follow. And hold a contest among them. The list with the numbers is created, picking up the winner is done using a random number generator.

New Format of Instagram Giveaways

Advantages of the loop giveaway

If it seems that organizing the competition is difficult, takes a lot of time, it is not like that. In spite of any investments, the accounts will acquire times more followers in a short period. For example, about ten thousand per day. The teamwork of project managers pays off due to the quick growth of sales. Organizers also receive regular customers. Here you should not forget about the high quality unique content. If we compare the ordinary and loop giveaways, the latter will stand out in demand, activity due to the nice gifts, optimal costs.

There is no need to purchase advertising on other sites to increase the group of people. This is achieved by involvement of a significant number of people. Loop giveaway opens up new horizons, Instagram opportunities. Do not miss the chance to try one of them to multiply your assets. Get a lot of positive emotions and a huge audience of the like-minded people in return. The contests of this type bring people closer, helping to communicate with them in your profile. Try to organize them often, but diverse, special and with some secrets. Giveaway helps reduce costs at the expense of other participants. The prize here might be things that everyone wants to buy, but not everyone has enough money. So that everything goes as planned, do not be stingy on a good advertising with a creative approach. Think over all the details. Do not be afraid to experiment. The more complex are the requirements, the more attractive is the gift.

To summarize, let’s draw a conclusion about the benefits of an Instagram giveaway, namely the organizer gets income, the blogger gets profit from advertising, the lucky winner gets the prize. This is a good activation of followers, attracting potential customers. This way you can cover the category interested in your products. Holding a contest leads to the sales increase. Such events must be held carefully. First discuss all the aspects and guarantees with the organizers.

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