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Instagram Stories: How to Save, Make Reposts and Swipe

Perhaps the most significant of the Instagram features is Stories introduced not that long ago, i.e. short 15-second videos, hanging in feed for 24 hours only. From the information below you will learn about the key secrets of using them: how to save an Instagram Story, make a swipe or repost. It's time to get popular on Instagram!

Instagram Stories: How to Save, Make Reposts and Swipe

1. How to save Instagram stories
1.1. To the smartphone archive
1.2. To the "Highlights"
2. About reposts
3. Swiping and other secrets

How to save Instagram stories

At the very beginning of its existence, the Stories were not that popular, occasionally flickering in the users' feeds, and then vanishing from sight. Today, when Instagram is improving its algorithms actively, this service has started its second life. It is ironic but they are often used by the top bloggers, and, as a result, people watch them. While standard posts are easily lost in the news flow, Stories are located on top, offering both the account owner and his followers a lot of useful options: answers, polls, tests, swipes, etc.

Despite the quick development, Stories have not lost their essence - they still remain short videos, ready to leave the feed in 24 hours. Hence there arises quite a reasonable question: how to save an Instagram Story. The answer depends on where you plan to have it saved, either to the memory of smartphone or to the social network feed.

To the smartphone archive

If we speak of your own stories, there are several ways to save short 15-second clips. The easiest way is to change the settings, making sending Stories to the phone memory automatic. Further goes the step by step instruction, how to do that:
1. Go to your account.
2. Tap the Stories icon in the upper left corner of the screen and then choose the Settings menu in the upper left corner. You will get to Story Controls.
3. From the list of options, toggle on “Save to Camera Roll” (that is, to the memory of your smartphone) in Saving.
4. The system will also offer you to toggle on “Save to Archive” that will automatically save photos and videos to your archive so that you don’t have to save them on your phone. Choose the appropriate option.

If you do not want all videos to be saved on the phone, there is another easier way to save them:
1. Start your Story.
2. Tap the icon with the arrow looking downwards the line.
3. The system will save your Story.

If Stories is published as a photo, just make a print screen. If it is a video, turn on the screen recording and film all the details. In addition, you can use an app specially designed for this purpose. The best ones are StorySaver for Instagram, StorySave, InstantRepostforInstagram, RepostStoriesforInstagram.

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To the "Highlights"

The “Highlights” feed is one of the latest introductions from Instagram, allowing to post Stories without deleting them. The feature is rather new, but already quite popular. It is in high demand among the business accounts: travel agencies, beauty salons, show rooms, etc.

You can create a “Highlights” section using the “+ New” button showing on the profile page, or “Add to Highlights” and “Share” button showing when sharing Stories.

Step-by-step instruction on how to save a Story to feed:
1. Go to your profile.
2. Tap the “+ New” button.
3. The system will offer to create a Story-album where you can upload short videos and photos.
4. Give it a name.
5. Select the cover.

After that you can save Stories directly from the main feed or download from the archive.

Instagram Stories: How to Save, Make Reposts and Swipe

About reposts

Despite of the fact that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, it still does not have a repost option. In other words, you will not be able to share someone else’s photo or video as part of the app’s functionality. However, do not worry, since programmers have created various software for reposting Stories in your feed.

To be fair, if another user tags you on his Story when posting it, the system will automatically offer to share this content with your audience. If not, the specially designed apps and utilities come to the rescue. Unfortunately, Instagram is actively fighting this kind of programs, and therefore they will have to be updated quite often in PlayMarket and AppStore by the “Repost for Instagram” search query.

How to repost an Instagram story using the mentioned apps? It is quite simple: you need to run the program on your smartphone, log in to the social network. Then you will be offered a list of options and services - just select an appropriate one.

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Swiping and other secrets

In general, swipe means any movement of the fingers on the touch screen. It is intended for scrolling pages, being used when reading electronic books, watching some sources, etc.

On Instagram this term has acquired the new meaning. As a rule, it is presented on the pages of major bloggers in different advertising integrations.

Step-by-step instructions on how to add swipe up on Instagram Story:
1. Open the Story.
2. If there is “See more”, “Learn more”, “More” or similar buttons at the bottom of the screen, tap or swipe it up.
3. There will appear an additional window with the link.

Note that only the bloggers with the audience more than 10 thousand followers have the right to attach links.

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