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Popular Photographers Instagram Account

Popular photographers on Instagram make good money. Instagram is a great place to promote your business. This platform works well not only for advertising, but also for selling goods and services. Famous Instagram photographers are expanding their audience and income actively. Instagram was created for posting photos, so photographers should not miss the opportunity to become more successful. Still not everyone knows how to gain followers on Instagram for photographers. You can arrange Instagram photography contests or send out the invitations yourself.

Popular Photographers Instagram Account


  • Importance of having Instagram for the photographer
  • What photos should be there in a profile
  • Stories and live broadcasting
  • Descriptions and communication with followers
  • Ways to increase followers on Instagram
  • Contests, giveaways, promotions
  • Using other social networks
  • Apps and programs for followers and likes cheat
  • Advantages and disadvantages of free methods
  • Paid services and advertising

Importance of having Instagram for the photographer

To find out how should a photographers Instagram look like, you should understand why it is needed. The Instagram account shows your talent for making high-quality and beautiful pictures to the potential clients. This site is an ideal place for an unobtrusive advertising of your creativity. On Instagram there are millions of people from all over the world, so post your best works here. In addition, reviews of photos can be received in comments to your posts. Moreover, you can ask the feedback from your followers. Photographer can easily search for their customers on Instagram. And over time, they will not even have to search, as the customers find professionals themselves. The social networks are the perfect place for this, just write the proper Instagram hashtags for photographers.

What photos should be there in a profile

To increase the online audience actively, monitor the content carefully. It is necessary to publish only high-quality, beautiful and original photos. It is necessary to attract the audience, but not to push them away. There should not be no blurry photos. Therefore, need to use the professional equipment for shooting, not just a smartphone or a cheap plastic camera.

It is also recommended to have all posts in the same style. Followers love the harmony in the account, besides it will be your distinctive feature from other professionals. For this purpose, various apps for processing photos are used. A good photographer should be able to process images manually to meet the customers’ expectations.

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Stories and live broadcasting

The Instagram app is updated regularly. Many filters, effects and new tools are added. For example, live broadcasting, stories and IGTV. These features allow sharing videos of various length with the followers. Stories last several seconds and are stored in the account for no more than a day (unless you apply special settings). With the help of live broadcasting, you can have a dialogue with the followers in real time. IGTV is a new Instagram channel, where it is convenient to download long videos. Using these video tools, it will be much easier for a new photographer to promote the Instagram account.

Popular Photographers Instagram Account

Descriptions and communication with followers

Come up with the interesting Instagram names for photographers. Description texts must be written correctly. It is not necessary to write long compositions. You can leave a short text matching the photo, even if it does not reflect its essence.

It is also important to write detailed information about yourself in the profile header and make the account open. In the settings you can choose a business account, then it will be possible to monitor the statistics of visits.

It is important to keep in touch with your online readers. For example, the advice from Instagram photographers are very popular. After all, people want to make beautiful photos. Therefore, you can ask questions in your posts, as well as respond to the followers in the comments. Openness and simplicity always attracts the new audience.

Ways to increase followers on Instagram

In order to increase the rating of your Instagram account, you need to increase the number of Instagram followers who rate posts, write comments and make reposts. It is important to promote the page and attract live followers, not robots quickly blocked by the administration of the social network. Photographers can increase the audience in simple ways used by other bloggers. Some methods are free, but require big effort.

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Contests, giveaways, promotions

Many photographers and other Instagram users organize contests in their profiles. With their help, you can attract "live" followers. Many users like taking part in contests for reposts or comments. As a prize, you can invite the winner for a photo session or give a discount to your services. Also, new photographers can announce a contest for the most original text to the photo or arrange a survey. For example, upload 2-3 pictures and ask your readers to vote.

Using other social networks

If you have an account in other social networks, it is a great opportunity to promote your Instagram very fast. For this, leave cross-links to your profile and inform your followers that it will be even more interesting on Instagram.

Some users send invitations asking to become their followers to friends and strangers. But the Instagram administration doesn't like spamming. As a punishment, you can get a shadow ban or profile blocking. Therefore, it is better to use secure methods of promoting your Instagram page.

Apps and programs for followers and likes cheat

On the Internet you can find ads of free apps for the Instagram accounts promotion. The essence of these programs is in the mutual assistance of the registered users. For example, you need to get 5000 likes to a certain post. For this, earn 5000 points, which could be exchanged for the cherished 5000 "hearts". To earn points, you should complete tasks from the app. These could be putting like to someone's photo, reposting or writing a comment, as well as following a stranger. For each action, a certain number of points is awarded, that could be exchanged for the likes later.

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Popular Photographers Instagram Account

Advantages and disadvantages of free methods

The only advantage of free Instagram promotion methods is that you don’t have to pay for them, and they are available to everyone. But every free way has its flaws.

Using those apps takes a lot of time. To get the desired number of likes you will have to spend several days or even weeks on Instagram. For sending spam, you could get an account block or a shadow ban. Organizing giveaways and contests also takes time and effort. And if the contest is organized with violation of the rules, you could also get an account block. If the Instagram administration blocks the profile, there is no chance to restore it.

Paid services and advertising

If there is no desire to be engaged in the promotion of an Instagram account, you can use the paid methods. Followers number will grow fast if the profile is advertised by a well-known blogger or artist. But such advertising is very expensive. Some celebrities put the price of 10$ per one post with a link to the account.

Therefore, it is more profitable to use the paid services to promote your Instagram account, for example, the All-SMM service. Professionals here have an extensive experience and will increase your profile rating fast in compliance with all the Instagram rules. The cost of services is affordable. There are discounts and great offers for the regular customers. All costs for the promotion of a successful photographer profile will pay off in a short time.

To attract the attention of customers, use all the available methods. Instagram is a great tool for the photographers who want to get many orders. If you follow simple rules and tips, the number of followers and customers will increase several times. There is no need to think that you will be able to successfully promote your account without any investments. Independent methods take a lot of time. And the use of the inexpensive professional service will significantly speed up the process of gaining popularity not only on Instagram, but in real life as well.

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