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Instagram Content Ideas for a Personal Blog

A personal blog on Instagram is a place where you can share ideas, thoughts, feelings and experience. Talking about your experience in a particular sphere, you can get interest of a large audience of Instagram followers - the main thing is to choose the right design and content for Instagram.

The format of expressing your thoughts, the color scheme and interactivity will help you attract readers, make them feel good and love your profile.


1. Building a content plan

2. Account

3. Content structure

4. "Zest"

5. How to make high quality content

6. What entries to keep

7. Conclusion

Instagram Content Ideas for a Personal Blog

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Building a content plan

Instagram content strategy is a comprehensive schedule for the account, which includes:

• profile topics;

• visual effects;

• design using a certain color scheme;

• variety of headings;

• a competent combination of information content, entertaining posts and promotional/training posts.

All these nuances must be thought out from the very beginning. Afterwards just adhere to the plan. You can plan it yourself, but it’s much easier to use the marketing experts professionally engaged in creating Instagram content.


In order to choose the optimal type of account, think - what is interesting for you? Maybe you are fond of traveling? Then you certainly have an archive with beautiful views or memorable places - publish them, while describing interesting details of a visit to a country. Perhaps you have extensive experience in hand-made - tell people about it. And better use visualization! Tell and illustrate it with pictures.

Content structure

Monotony kills interest, it is a fact. Try to competently alternate informative posts with various entertaining headings, and also do not forget about questions to the audience. Talking about your impressions or experiences, add questions like “What do you think?” or “Have you experienced the same?”, What would you do?” at the end.


There are millions of Instagram accounts, and you need to create something individual and memorable. A special filter or a logo in the photo, the same structure of the background image for the post, or some kind of cool greeting can make your profile brighter!

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How to make high quality content

Again - the right solution would be to appeal to the content management professionals. They will select a description for the photo, tell you how to shape the post better and what attracts readers' interest in the text. This is easier, faster and more effective than if you try to generate the ideas yourself.

In fact, the readers can see only the first three lines under the photo, and the conclusion is obvious - you need to get interest literally from the first words. And an important point: it’s nice to read only literate and correctly constructed text with no spelling mistakes, thus you have to use the editors.

What entries to keep

The choice is huge – basically, anything to give you a pleasure.

If you decide to start a training blog, then make it easy for your readers to repeat after you - a text description with notes and video or photo instructions. Other topics to be used:

• Cooking.

• Sports.

• Healthy nutrition.

• Parenting.

• Pets.

• Home based business.

• Traveling.

• Personal relationship.

Instagram Content Ideas for a Personal Blog

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If you decide to maintain an observer blog, you can cover the following topics:

• Overview of cosmetics of various categories - mass market, luxury, etc.

• Various music news.

• Movies or series.

• Shops or restaurants.

• Entertaining establishments.

The challenging entry is something that can be implemented in each account to increase the activity of readers. For example, if your blog is about sports, then upload a beautiful photo with a yoga pose and a challenge for the followers - can they also make it? Ask them to upload photos with a specific hashtag so you can see the result.


There is a pool of ideas! The main thing is to find your muse and inspiration to maintain your account happily and enjoy even small achievements.

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