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How to Take Photos on Instagram: Getting to the TOP

Many people know that Instagram is a social network for visual type of people, and it is photos that play a major role here. Therefore, if you want to use your account for promoting goods, services or just for getting popular, then special attention has to be paid to the shot. Below you will learn how to make top Instagram photos.


• secrets of popular shots;

• daylight;

• composition;

• editing;

• how to gain likes in a highly competitive environment.

How to Take Photos on Instagram: Getting to the TOP

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Secrets of popular shots

Each successful blogger or photographer first thinks out the shot carefully, and only then gets engaged in its implementation. This applies to all types of photos, from selfies to still life, landscapes and commercial (advertising) posts. Here are a few easy steps to keep your Instagram channel professional.


Because of the lamp and chandelier, the shot might acquire a yellowish shade, thereby distorting all colors. Daylight is the most successful light and gives the shot harmonious tones and shadows. There is no need to go outdoors every time to create masterpieces, there will be enough light from the window.


The public likes pictures with textures and details, because they attract attention. You can buy a photo background that looks like marble, brick, concrete, etc. Or you can make the background yourself: take a white fabric or a fluffy rug of a nice shade. Of course, the background should be framed by some objects. Notepads, cards, sweets, chocolates will work well here - in general, anything you can find at home.

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How to Take Photos on Instagram: Getting to the TOP


Any most liked Instagram photo is the result being edited in several apps. If you see a stunning picture, which, for example, shows a coffee mug, then the author of the photo most likely has already used some editor. How to edit photo on Instagram?

Do not forget that any bad photo can be turned into a real piece of art. One of the mistakes made by the beginners in photography is the inability to work with exposure. The tool "levels" is there in any editor, it is designed to adjust the histograms. Thus, you can manually change the brightness, contrast, color ranges. But, if the shot has acquired a color deviation (for example, a lot of green), then the photo can be corrected using white balance.

How to gain likes in a highly competitive environment

Of course, the above tips will help increase the number of likes and followers. But today many people use these rules, so your photos may go unnoticed among other posts. What if you, as an ordinary user, would like to find your target audience and / or promote your business in a short time? The answer is simple: you need to boost up followers whose interests are similar to your account. Therefore, in order to force users to follow your profile, carefully consider the subject and design of your account. If you take the content on the channel seriously, the artificial cheat will give you “live” followers. Do not forget about hashtags, that are one of the main tools for attracting followers, partners and customers.

People always follow their feelings, respectively, a photo should evoke emotion in a person. With the help of cheating Instagram likes, a person will be able to see your post, and will definitely want to see other ones. From an artistic point of view, answering the question: how to take cool pictures on Instagram, you should remember that a post should carry meaning and promise, look naturally and harmoniously match other photos in the account.

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