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IGTV at Instagram. Review and benefits

Already many users of the popular social network have been able to enjoy a very interesting innovation called Instagram TV (abbreviated to IGTV). The developers promised that it would be an innovative video format, capable of making a great competition for YouTube, and eventually leaving it far behind. It is necessary to admit that Igtv has proved to be quite interesting and unique, proving millions of downloads of this application.

IGTV at Instagram. Review and benefits


- Who created Instagram TV

- What is IGTV

- Roll format and size

- Start-up of IGTV

- Use IGTV on your computer

- Statistics in IGTV

- Disadvantages of IGTV

- Instagram TV monetization

Who created Instagram TV?

The main principle of Instagram TV is its absolute accessibility. IGTV will be able to enjoy everything! There will be a place for stars, world-renowned bloggers, news sources, entertainment channels, etc. Any user can place their video in Instagram, after uploading it to the gadget of the special application with the same IGTV name (for the App Store, For Google Play.). If you are using a stationary PC or laptop, you just need to use a regular web interface on the network.

IGTV at Instagram. Review and benefits

What is IGTV?

Today, television is already in the background, which gives screens for World Wide Web content. Instagram TV is intended for as many users as possible from all over the world who will be able to watch new videos, share them with friends or upload their own. For entrepreneurs IGTV promises to become an even more effective tool for advertising their products or services.

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Many are interested in the differences in innovation of the same direct ethers or stories. IGTV's creators guarantee that the new TV format will become much more interesting and functional every day. Don't even exclude the possibility that over time IGTV will be able to surpass the popularity of Instagram itself!

The size of the rolls and their size

All Instagram TV videos are exceptionally vertical, which should be taken into account when shooting. In order to have a horizontal shooting video, you will need to rotate it in the editor.

IGTV application itself invites users of devices running Android or iOS, smartphone files can be distributed. Others (inappropriate for requirements) are simply not displayed, which makes it much easier to work with their channel.

For those who use Instagram TV with a web form, it is a little more difficult to select appropriate videos. Don't forget to download only the MP4 video and a ratio of 4:5 to 9:16. Ordinary users are offered to download recordings of up to 10 minutes, which do not exceed 650 MB in size. Stars and major bloggers are granted the privilege of a long 60-minute video with a size of no more than 5.4 GB. Only you can download them from your computer.

IGTV at Instagram. Review and benefits

Starting with IGTV

You can download this application for free using the Play Market or App Store services. Immediately after installing IGTV, you must open it and click on the "continue as" button. You must connect to your Instagram account, or connect with Facebook or Twitter accounts. After these simple steps, you will be able to fully enjoy the new videos on your smartphone.

The Igtv application can show you the videos of your favorite channels that you have subscribed to Instagram. There is also a tab called "for you", which is similar to the usual "recommendations". The control is very simple and intuitive, which will certainly delight all users. With just a few hits, you can turn on your favorite movie or watch new popular recordings.

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To create your own channel, you should not spend more than 15 seconds. To do this, click on the settings icon (gear next to the avatar) and select the "Create a channel" function. After that, there is only a short time left to press "Next" and that's it. Your personal channel is already ready to show the world any video. The main thing is that they correspond to a certain format, described above.

After downloading and installing this application, you can find IGTV in Instagram itself. Its icon will now be located next to the "Direct" button in the main menu. This means that they can be used directly from here to add their videos. All published entries can be found in "Actual" stories.

IGTV at Instagram. Review and benefits

Use IGTV on the computer

You can also use a computer or laptop to view or download videos on Instagram TV, but the procedure will be slightly different. To do this, simply go to the web version of Instagram.com under your account. Next to the "publications" is already the "IGTV" icon, which is only left to click.

In order to upload your video, you must choose "Download" in your account. A special download page will appear with all the necessary information. Any user will be able to deal quickly with this and start uploading their videos. The main thing is not to close this page until the download is completed.

Statistics in IGTV

All actions with your videos (comments, tastes and number of views) are available for all users. But only you can see all the detailed statistics on your uploaded videos. To do this, you must select the desired video and execute it, then brush the top of the special "blind" statistics. Here you will see all the information about comments, tastes, comments, etc. There is also an "average audience retention percentage" function, which indicates how long the video was viewed on average.

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IGTV at Instagram. Review and benefits

Disadvantages of IGTV

Unfortunately, this Instagram innovation does not yet have a high degree of stability. Many users have difficulty using it. Some even have to perform the same actions several times to succeed. Normal work can only provide modern powerful gadgets.

But developers are constantly improving IGTV, releasing updates with fixes from many bugs. Soon everyone will be able to take full advantage of the impeccable work of this application!

Instagram TV monetization.

IGTV's monetization procedure is not yet planned, but its creators are already working on it. This way, you can start posting your recordings today, in time to gather a decent audience. In addition, this video format promises to be much more effective than Instagram or YouTube stories.

Instagram TV Cheats

As soon as Instagram TV appeared, so immediately appeared services on the promotion: now you can twist IGTV Likes, IGTV views, IGTV comments. The main thing to do it as naturally as possible and without haste, because Instagram has certain limitations.

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