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Content Ideas for Business in Instagram

Promoting business and finding potential clients in Instagram? It's easy if you know the basic rules of doing business. Even if you have invested a lot of money in advertising and promotion, if you post one post per week - your efforts are in vain. Records about the perfect weather and favorite pastime options will not acquaint subscribers with your ideas. If you intend to develop sales - you need a content plan and beautiful high-resolution photos.


What information should be provided in Instagram?

Below are the main ideas for the page that will help promote your product, regardless of its specificity:

1. Information about you. The visitor, for the first time having got into your account, should immediately understand who you are and what you are doing. This data must be entered at the top of the page. Information should be complete and meaningful so that people do not have questions. Do not use hackneyed, banal phrases like "We'll make you better". You should not motivate, but sell. Emotional stories should be presented in the main content.

2. Why are you better than your competitors? Provide your followers with a video about the production of your product, with product testing and so on. Tell me, with what began and what successes have been achieved. Share with people the secrets of your success. If possible, show videos of famous actors and singers who leave a positive response about your product.

3. News feed. Leave notes about new items in your product, about the modernization of production and similar events. People should touch your world, feel it, and then they will necessarily want to keep a part of it. Do not be afraid to spread information about your problems, just add them with successful solutions. Perfect does not exist. Some positive entries will make your page fake.


Goods and services: how to present them?

Talking about your products, do not forget that in the first place you have to sell. If you have an online store, then selling posts can go blanket. They may have low interest from followers, but in this case, their large number is important. With a relatively high cost of production, pay special attention to the production, quality, uniqueness and individuality of the product. Potential buyers need to understand what they are paying for and what they will eventually receive.

Content should be filled with information about discounts and promotions that are relevant at the moment. You can add a history of the development of a new product, the stages of its creation, testing and refinement. You can provide a video about the use of products.

If we are talking about the provision of services, then the specifics of maintaining such a page in the Instagram is not fundamentally different. For this account it is enough to upload one record per day. Posts in their core must have an emotional coloring. Your task is to attract the attention of the buyer, to interest him with fascinating content. You have successfully managed if under your records there will be at least 40% of the likes of the total number of followers.

In separate posts describe your services and indicate what you do best than others. If you have nothing to tell, can it be time to change something in your business? You must have a zest, a distinctive feature that exalts you above the others.

Provide information about the individual service and its cost. If there is no fixed pricing, then specify the price range.

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Spread the responses of real people so that there are no questions about your honesty. To do this, you can specify a link in the record to the account of the user who has already evaluated your product. It will not be superfluous to upload videos with satisfied customers. If buyers do not want to leave feedback, then you can conduct a marketing campaign: a discount on products for feedback. Conduct surveys about new products or products, discuss with followers the goods in the comments.

The content should contain useful information for potential customers.

It can include the following data:

1. Study of frequently asked questions;

2. The questionnaire with variants of an estimation of quality of production;

3. Checklist with useful tips affecting the topic of the selected product (for example, when selling flowers, you can put information about the combination of flowers in the composition);

4. Collection of useful literature on the subject of the account;

5. Webinars, training courses and lessons related to the use of products;

6.References to electronic resources and programs;

7. Manuals, interesting facts.

When posting training articles, you show users that you are an expert in the selected field. Potential buyers at the subconscious level trust professionals, and your chances of success will increase many times. Do not forget that your audience is ordinary people who are not experts in the product being sold. Talk to them in their language.

In Instagram, you can add Stories and conduct Live Ethers. Do not ignore these opportunities. So you can conduct training lessons and communicate with your subscribers directly. This method of rapprochement between the buyer and the seller increases sales.


Content for the selling page

The records should contain the following information:

1. Operating manuals with photos, video instructions for beginners;

2. A narrowly focused technical information for professionals who understand your product;

3. Teaching material (if there were difficulties with the definition of the subject of training, then contact the followers with a survey of their interests);

4. Comparison of the characteristics of the most popular products;

5. Options for resolving the difficulties associated with the operation of goods;

6. Webinars with invited experts, advising followers.

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From time to time it is useful to spread entertainment content. It carries a double task: to gently remind of the selling group and at the same time not to cause negative feedback from followers. Very useful are viral records - these posts are so interesting and exciting that users of the network involuntarily share them with their friends, involuntarily expanding the audience of followers.

In addition to humorous records, lay out stories from life - they attract the attention of the reader. They can be broken down into several parts so that people with interest expect the continuation.

Entertainment content includes the following types of entries:

1. Stories from real life;

2. Questionnaires;

3. Funny records;

4. Provocative records;

5. Personal opinion on films and books;

6. Rating of goods sold.

Festive and landmark events are a good excuse to remind about your page. Spread the original congratulations and personal reaction to the current resonant events.

Moscow was not built in a day. So with the selling page - only by trial and error you can determine the effective methods of doing business in Instagram. It happens that the ideal account from the point of view of the selling account does not have profit due to incorrectly selected content. Try and experiment, introduce new methods of working with clients, and luck will be with you.

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