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How to make a poll in instagram?

In recent years, the well-known social network "Instagram" began to develop actively, adding new interesting functions to its application. Now there was an addition "Poll". In a story, a person can answer the questions asked by his followers.

How to make a poll

First of all, it should be noted that the polls are being created only in the storis, which lasts 15 seconds. They can be viewed by clicking on the user's icon. You can not do surveys in the stream.

Also it is worth noting that the made story is available for users only during the day. Then it automatically goes into the archive, and see it, maybe only the owner. Direct answers come from the storis. Therefore, often go there, otherwise you can skip interesting questions / answers.

How to independently make a poll in your history

The algorithm for creating a survey on your page is very simple. First of all, on your mobile device, the Instagram application should probably be downloaded and opened, you can download it on Google Play, Apple Store or on the developers site.

After that, we perform the following actions:


1. Authorized or registered in the system.

2. Open the news line and in the upper left corner find the camera icon.

3. Clicking on the icon, select from the list presented any photo or video you like.

4. After downloading the image, we find on the screen an icon with a smiley.


5. Go to the list of emoticons, there will also be a sticker icon, hashtag and Gif. Near the "Poll" icon. We choose it.
6. After clicking on the screen, a small square appears where you can write a question and choose the answer options. By clicking on the "Text" icon, you can change the caption or the answer options.
7. When the question is written, and the answers are made click on the button "add those who can view your story". From the list choose the group of people to whom the poll will be available. Then finish all the actions with the "Finish" button.

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How to create a question, we figured out, now the question arises, but how to vote in the story. Here, too, there is nothing complicated. We do the following:

- Open the application, we log into your account.

- We open in the upper stream of followers' tabs or in the search we go to any account you like. Users will receive polls in the history with the answer options.

- Choose the answer you like and click on it. After that, the average answer of all users who answered the question will be highlighted. The percentage changes with each new user response.

Having analyzed the algorithm for creating and responding to polls, it becomes clear that all this is not as difficult as it seems, at first glance!

How to see which of the users responded to the survey?

To see the list of voters and their answers, maybe only the poll creator. Other users can see only the average response as a percentage.
In the event that you created a survey and do not know how to see who responded to it. We follow the following algorithm:

1. Open your page and go to history.

2. We spend a finger from below upwards. Statistics are displayed.

3. We look at the list of voters. To see the full list, click on one of the icons. A full list of users with their answer will be opened.

What is the best way to create a survey?

Unfortunately, the developers made only two variants of the answer. Therefore, extensive polls will not work out. We need a question so that other people can answer "Yes / No" or choose one of two suitable options. Even despite the meager answers, many surveys help people choose or decide on certain actions.

If we talk about the subject, then the beautiful sex will be more interesting topics of fashion, cooking, style or music. Men also prefer interviews related to cars, costumes, sports.

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How to cancel a poll

If you decide not to post a new poll when creating a story, then click on the "back" button and close the story.
In case the poll was already created, but then you decided to delete it, you need to do the following:
- We go to your page and click on your round avatar.
- Opens your story. We are waiting until the one that you want to remove appears.
- From above see 3 vertical points, click on them.
- Several options are displayed. Select "Delete publication".

All! A story that was superfluously removed.

Creative ideas for the survey

If you want to create a poll, but do not know which topic to choose. Then it is necessary to reflect only a little and the idea itself will come to mind. The topic can be the most diverse. However, there is one "No", the survey should not be provocative. And also offensive topics are prohibited. If these rules are violated, then the administration will delete the story's poll.

Let's analyze the most actual ideas of polls in the Instagram:

1. Which photo should I choose? (variants of answers 1/2).

2. What to put on? (Shoes / Sneakers).

3. Post a new post? (Well no).

4. What do you like more? (Berries / Fruits).

5. Go to the gym? (Well no).

Incorporate intelligence and fantasize. You can ask a question on any subject: sports, beauty, love, business, animals, cooking. It is better to fill a new story more often, because thanks to this, users will visit your page more often and remember you. For newbies it's ok to buy instagram story views. If you want to try it, go to all-smm.

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