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How to place a hashtag picture in Instagram in the Top 10

Only the authors of the instagram application can take a picture by hashtag and thus take the first page. In this case, the ranking algorithms may be different, considering the many factors that are used to find tags. To solve this problem, you can only view the options described or known. When a positive effect is obtained, the method can be applied.

How to place a hashtag picture in Instagram in the Top 10

Consider the two following themes-knitting and fashion. On their example, we will see how the photos are classified, for which the most loved ones are at the top of the hashtag. This example cannot be considered as a dogma. Although the number of I love can be judged differently. You can see each hashtag, whose photos have reached the Top 10. But let's get back to the main question, how the picture in Instagram rises in the best pages.

It is necessary to understand, that the photos are permanently exposed on a network with the certain tag. And for a long time at the top, they won't be.

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Depending on the existing method of training, content, good quality and hashtag, their subsequent substitution may help to temporarily obtain a photo at the top. This is the main condition for attracting new followers. Although you should always check these instructions.

How to place a hashtag picture in Instagram in the Top 10

Take pictures with Instagram in the Top 10 best Hashtag

The first thing to find is common hashtags. To this end, it is preferable to use thematic brands. It will not be correct to put mutual hashtags subscription to the photos with a cup of coffee in the morning. Finding a tag corresponding to a subject is very easy. It can be # morning coffee # coffee club and many others.

It is better to make a couple of collections with different tags, but no more than 30, write them on the phone using a text file. You can save notes, documents. It is preferable to create different collections on a subject, not to apply identical brands.

If you replace your hashtag within 5-7 minutes, you will be able to get more jaime for your published photos. As soon as the photo starts to be like, it turns into popular content, gets a higher rank, gets in the top publications of Instagram. But there is a disadvantage - if the photo does not have a good amount, tastes, it is unlikely to fall into favorites. As a result, many people twist their tastes, thus increasing their position in the top.

How to place a hashtag picture in Instagram in the Top 10

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How does this process work? We can highlight the following steps to achieve the objective:

- Photo editing, addition of a description and no more than 30 hashtag;

- publication of photos.

- wait 5-7 minutes.

After following these steps, the photo appears in the ribbon and search.

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Then, you must return to the photo, click on the right corner for 3 points. After that, a window will appear on the computer screen. Select "Edit". With the help of this command, you can open the photo description, delete hashtags, and insert a new selection. It is important to remember that it has already been done and recorded in the notes.

How to place a hashtag picture in Instagram in the Top 10

This operation must be repeated 2-3 times. By doing this, you will be able to improve the visibility of the generated content. And its effectiveness will already depend on the popularity of tags, the accuracy of their creation. In addition, a great value belongs to the number of tastes that network users have put your photo. You can now notice that the photos that fall into the Top 10, usually have 200-300 likes and more. And some photos have gotten thousands I like.

There is also a second way to bring photos from the personal profile page by tags at the top. It is an active use of likes. But does cheating really like to help? But judging by the results you can see that all the photos on the different Hashtag, which have the maximum number of tastes, are on the first page.

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