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Case Study of Business Promotion on Instagram

It is no secret that today Instagram is a powerful platform designed not only for entertainment, communication and dating, but also for business promotion. This is due to several factors. First of all, this is due to a great coverage of users all over the world, whose number is growing steadily every day. Another factor is the availability of visual content. Researchers around the world have proven that this kind of information is perceived much brighter, easier and faster. The following result from this factor is that such content provides instant conversion. Pluses to the above-mentioned advantages of the platform is the ability to use it anywhere and anytime. It is always at hand, or to be more precise, in the phone of a user who regularly interacts with other people, exchanges opinions, and learns recent news. Thus, Instagram is an ideal tool for promoting business. In this case, you only need to draw up a competent plan of action and follow its points. More details are there in this article.

Interesting statistical facts

First of all, you have to understand exactly how to use Instagram for your business. So, at the moment, more than seventeen percent of the total number of people registered on various social networks visit their Instagram feed daily and check their accounts. The vast majority of them are young people aged from 18 to 29 years old. Moreover, a significant part is made up of women.

Case Study of Business Promotion on Instagram

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It is known for certain that it is this generation that is very easily influenced by information shown on social resources. There are several vivid confirmations to this. For example, the well-known player in the e-commerce market Haute Future sells a huge part of its products through attracting customers on Instagram. Another indisputable evidence is the projects for creating handmade clothes or jewelry. Business owners simply create an Instagram account with their work and actively interact with the potential buyers.

Important details and tips

You must understand that, as noted above, Instagram is exclusively a visual platform. It is absolutely not suitable for promotion of serious services, such as life insurance or legal advice. For such type of activity, it is better to give preference to Facebook or other resources.

Instagram is the perfect tool for promoting products. Hand-made products, clothing, cosmetics, exotic fruits: actually, the list is quite long. There are several simple recommendations that can be used to achieve significant success.

1. Follow the news of blogs about Instagram for business, there are lots of them. The diary contains a huge amount of information useful for promoting your business. The data is confirmed up by vivid and demonstrative examples that help to better absorb information and capture the essence.

2. Upgrade your account. Every detail must be thought out. Everything is important: from the main profile picture to the page descriptions and each image separately. The entire account must be designed in accordance with a single concept. It is better to use your company logo as a profile picture, and add all possible contact details to the description, including the messengers used. Do not forget to remove the restriction on viewing your account to people who are not following it. The account should be accessible to all visitors.

3. Delight followers with new pictures. Your Instagram account should become a showcase, and each individual photo is a "shelf" for a particular product. Spend money on professional shooting and processing pictures, because they can prompt a visitor to purchase your product and get to know it better.

4. Do not forget about hashtags. They should reflect the essence of your company. In addition, they should not interfere with developing of your own label, that should be as bright and recognizable as possible. As a rule, it is enough to place no more than five hashtags under each image.

5. Use cheating. This method is very good when your account is just started. It is important to demonstrate to your target audience that you are interested in the products you produce. Step one is to cheat Instagram followers. As a rule, a large number of users are not required, about two - five thousand people are enough. The next step is cheating Instagram likes. However, be very careful here: follow the ratio of followers to likes: the number of the latter, as a rule, should be no more than 30% of the first indicator. An additional feature is cheating Instagram video views, which can motivate you to get acquainted with the pictures of real followers.

6. Do not forget about entertaining content. Do not overload your account solely with business information. It is important to give customers a “breathing space” and a chance to smile. Share moments from the everyday activities of your company and employees. Be as close to your audience as possible, and they will also take a step forward in return.

Case Study of Business Promotion on Instagram

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7. Integrate Instagram with other social networks: Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter. This will greatly increase the flow of visitors to the account and real followers. Do not forget to be active on Instagram: write comments to photos of other users, put likes.

8. Dilute content with videos. Just a few years ago, Instagram developers made it possible for their users to share live videos, the length of which at first was no more than fifteen seconds, and then, due to the popularity of the function, it increased significantly. Use this opportunity: introduce the audience to the product by synchronizing the “picture” of the product with sound effects.

9. Submit photos to processing. Naturalness is now in vogue, but do not forget that every image in your company account should be bright and attracting attention. Statistical studies have shown that a powerful user response is achieved through the use of the following Instagram filters: Mayfair, Normal, and Inkwell. Business accounts typically use Lo-fi and Rise.

10. Interact with the audience by organizing contests and promotions. This always attracts a huge number of people who want to try their luck and get a valuable prize. However, you should not give bonuses for nothing, in this case it is important to have benefits from followers. Set conditions, for example, to receive a certain discount, they have to comment on the photo, tag friends or acquaintances on it, and so on.

11. Show the everyday life of your company. Each client is interested in knowing how this or that enterprise lives. Use the function of recording stories or classic posts in order to share interesting facts from the activities of the company with the visitors: the purchase of new equipment, preparation for the launch of a new project, office renovation - all these can serve as an excellent reason to attract the attention of users.

12. Highlight the merits of your product. Remember that the main task of any promotion is a vivid demonstration of the advantages and defining features of a product. So, for example, if you sell clothes, you need to show how great it looks on a model. And in this case, it is important to make a professional shooting in a photo studio and think through the image in detail. Give the client the opportunity to get acquainted with the product “from all sides”, as far as the social network allows.

Case Study of Business Promotion on Instagram

13. Watch the metrics. It is very important to conduct a thorough analysis of your page traffic: the number of likes, comments, reposts and conversions. At the moment, there are a huge number of services that can help with this. Vivid examples are Curalate and Blitzmetrics. They will help you see your strengths and weaknesses, as well as strengthen the former and eliminate the latter.

14. Attract famous personalities to advertising. This is especially true for small cities and regions. Naturally, ordering ads from stars and famous celebrities is very expensive. However, if there are popular bloggers or ordinary people with a large number of followers in your location, you can easily order a small advertisement at an affordable cost from them. Statistics show that this is a very effective way to increase the flow of customers and introduce as many social network users to the product as possible.

15. Be active. Many businessmen lose their enthusiasm about the Instagram promotion very quickly. This is natural, since the first results cannot appear immediately. You will have to process a huge number of photos, write a ton of “selling” texts and sign up for a large number of accounts in order to start receiving feedback. However, the effort invested is directly proportional to the return. Do not give up too quickly: it is important to motivate yourself and believe in luck.

Thus, following these simple recommendations from the case for Instagram promotion, you can increase the flow of your customers and get profit, as a result. Instagram is the most famous modern social platform, which can become an amazing tool for the business promotion in skillful hands.

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