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Facebook Instant Articles. Synchronization with Your Site. Part 2

Instant articles load about 10 times faster, so they provide people with the useful content they need in record time.

Let’s find it out how to use Facebook instant articles.

Connecting instant Facebook articles to your site

1. Registration. Registration is required here: https://instantarticles.fb.com/. But for this it is necessary to have a validated “business” page and have all the rights of the Administrator and the Page Editor.

2. Choosing a Facebook business page. After the registration on the platform has been completed, select the business page where you would like to activate instant articles. Instructions for publishing instant articles are in the settings of instant articles. For greater success, it is recommended to use the services of cheating Facebook followers.

Facebook Instant Articles. Synchronization with Your Site. Part 2

3. Applying URL. To publish instant articles that redirect readers to content located on the site’s domains, you must submit an URL. In order to claim the URL, you need to add meta tags in the head of the main page of the Internet resource. In order to do this, copy the meta tags and place them on the main page; insert a link to the site without "http://"; click on Claim URL.

4. Getting the material ready for the upcoming post. In the process of testing the tool, Facebook noted that in the first place authors of the content would like to get a convenient tool that can work inside CRM. Therefore, Facebook immediately introduced 3 publishing tools - manual mode, RSS feed and API. WP site users can use the Instant Articles plugin. Publishers can have partner agreement directly with the third-party analytic resources and services for publishing content.

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5. Creating a style template. One of the main features of the social network is that it allows to flexibly customize the interface of each or of a bunch of instant articles with just one tool - the style template. Tools for working with articles in this case will be represented by 19 different layouts and their elements, which the user can customize at will. Still, the developers have so far limited font options. Now these are Georgia and Helvetica Neue.

6. Prepare, compose and send up to 10 instant articles. Facebook employees will check them, and only after approval from employees and obtaining the appropriate status, the user will be able to publish materials. In order to get approval or just send the articles for review, you need to fully prepare 10 materials with all the necessary design elements and functions that will be used in future. All 10 articles must be sent for review, and after that it remains only to get them approved. Only after receiving a positive or negative feedback you can think over the next steps – either creating new publications or doing something else.

7. Getting the publications ready. If the response from the reviewer was positive, and the user is allowed create instant posts, proceed with this. The easiest way to publish articles is on your own site, especially if the site is created on WordPress. In this case, it is enough just to install the corresponding Instant Articles for WP plugin, and after that the articles will be sent for posting through the API. And those users who use RSS feed for posting can enable the auto-publish feature.

Facebook Instant Articles. Synchronization with Your Site. Part 2

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These simple steps will help you make instant posts. At the same time, it is important to remember that posts and material that will be there in instant articles and should be useful to the reader and find make them open another similar material or just read the article and share it.

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