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Facebook Instant Articles. Conclusion. Part 3

For large publishers and large bloggers, instant articles have become not only one of the ways of expression, but also an excellent platform for advertising. Publishers have the right to advertise in articles and get profit.

Bloggers, in addition to additional income, can also improve interaction with their audience through fast loading of pages with interactive tools. That is, the tool has a lot of advantages that can be noted by any user.

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Facebook Instant Articles. Conclusion. Part 3

What are Facebook instant articles?

What you need to know about instant articles.

1. Each user who has become a member of the instant articles program has the right to sell advertising spots in certain articles, thereby receiving 100 percent profit from advertising. Also, the user can receive about 30 percent for showing any advertisements to the audience on a social network.

2. Monetization in instant articles can be connected and configured in several clicks. To do this, just go to the page of the advertising service "Audience Network". This service was created specifically for developers of mobile apps within the social network Facebook. At the same time, there are all apps that have been officially approved by the social network for monetization and displaying advertising messages to users. At the same time, if a user sells their own advertising, they have the right to launch advertising, including banners or even animated advertising. Do not forget that the more active is your page, the easier it is to monetize your traffic. For a high-quality and quick result, you can order the purchase of likes on Facebook.

3. When an instant article is created, a corresponding post on Facebook will not be created. In other words, when a user publishes an instant article on their page or in the news feed, the post will not be automatically published on the social network itself. This nuance is based on the principles of the work of instant articles - after the reader clicks the link in the app, the link will open as an instant article. That is, the creator needs to make the publication independently with an ordinary link to their page, and the social network itself will replace it with an instant article in the app.

4. Fast loading increases efficiency. Studies have shown that the author has 10 seconds to attract the attention of a potential reader. Instant articles in this regard give a big advantage.

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Facebook Instant Articles. Conclusion. Part 3

5. The author can decide on the time and type of material. That is, the author has the right to choose the article and when it will be published. So you can make all blog materials instant or select only a part of them. To control actions, you can contact the library with instant articles for help.

6. Forms and calls to action can be added to the articles. One of the limiting factors that could ruin instant articles as an idea is the lack of subscription forms. However, in April last year, Facebook gave the green light to this introduction and allowed to expand the audience through subscription forms.

What do you think about instant articles? Do you use them after studying all Facebook articles pros and cons, or not yet?

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