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Tips for Bringing a YouTube channel to the TOP

Newbie bloggers and YouTubers like to check the top channels immediately and think about how to become popular quickly. Of course, success cannot be achieved without hard and monotonous work. We need to think not only about a nice image, but also about the quality of the content produced. It is necessary to understand that today the requirements for the content produced have become tougher: it is impossible to become popular simply due to an interesting idea, it is not 2009, and just an ordinary microphone combined with sick jokes is not enough. Therefore, before you start serious activity, you have to spend money on good equipment. And what is next will be discussed in this article.

Tips for Bringing a YouTube channel to the TOP


  • Channel design
  • Channel profile picture
  • Single style preview
  • Video description
  • Tracking statistics
  • What is good and what is bad
  • Conclusion

Channel design

There is a difficult task in working with the design of the channel - to attract attention and create your own style. It is important to be recognizable, so that when you see a logo, the user immediately understands where he is and what content is waiting for him. It is better to request for a high-quality design from the professional designers. However, there are some exceptions. Sometimes just a well-chosen picture or photo roots deeply into the memory of the audience. As an example, the logo of the channel Wylsacom one of the most popular techno-bloggers in Russia.

Channel profile picture

Many people ask how to put a profile picture on YouTube and how to choose it correctly. The standard option is to use the help of people specializing in graphics and marketing. It is best to pre-create some kind of sketch so that the result of the work will satisfy you. The best idea is to display the name of the channel or its logo in the profile picture. Often a logo could be the first letter of the name, decorated in the original colors of the channel. If the channel is dedicated to a specific topic, for example, a food channel, you can add a thematic design.

Single style preview

The preview video is also important. It is displayed in the column of recommended videos and the user determines whether he wants to watch certain content or not by it. Here, you also need to think about creating a single style. Most often, the previews show one of the video frames or a photo from the shooting. There should also be an additional text describing what is waiting for the viewer.

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Tips for Bringing a YouTube channel to the TOP

Tracking statistics

Another important step in the promotion of your channel is how to check subscribers on YouTube. The analysis of whether to release certain videos or not starts from tracking the statistics of the channel. In working with statistics, there are many pitfalls that are worth paying attention to. Sometimes good stats can play against the author. For example, even if the author of the channel has collected a million subscribers and is successful enough, he can start losing views. Just because the loyal audience does not unsubscribe from the channel, but refuses to watch videos. This is an indicator that it is necessary to change the format.

What is good and what is bad

As a rule, the channel with new videos published regularly should show a steady growth. If there is no growth, or people unsubscribe, it means that new videos are not popular among the audience and some changes are needed. Another important point is checking statistics. The fact is that many users unsubscribe not immediately, but in a while. That is why, it is necessary to look at the statistics of views. It should grow slowly from video to video. Stable growth of views is an indicator of the channel’s success. That is what potential advertisers are looking at when they think about buying advertising on YouTube.


Of course, the life of a popular blogger is incredibly interesting. However, it is worth remembering that today's YouTube is filled with a variety of content on any subject. You can find both a video on the particles physics, and a video on how to beat the boss in Minecraft. With such a competition, it is important to remember that in order to start your channel properly, you will have to use the All-SMM services and boost up YouTube views and subscribers’ number. This will attract attention to the channel, the video will start hitting the top. Subsequently, subscribers’ number will start growing by itself.

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