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Monetization on YouTube

For some people, YouTube is a site where they can watch various movies, shows, videos and other entertaining videos. And the authors of the videos know how to make money on YouTube. Therefore, bloggers ask their subscribers to repost videos, leave comments and likes. The more views on YouTube, the higher is the income of the owner of the channel. But not everyone achieves their channel's popularity. It is required not only to publish interesting and exciting videos, but also to use other ways to promote the account in order to personally find out how much does YouTube pay.


• YouTube monetization

• How to monetize on YouTube

• Could the channel monetization be disabled?

• What videos allow to earn on displaying ads?

• How to get a YouTube channel with a high rating?

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Monetization on YouTube

YouTube monetization

There are several methods of making money on YouTube. Some users advertise their online store, leaving a link to it in the video, while others receive income from advertising. Monetization on YouTube is the official method of earning on showing ads while watching videos. Advertising can be basically any, and it is broadcast in different places on YouTube. Many users have noticed that these videos cannot be skipped for the first 5, 10 or 15 seconds, and in order to continue watching the video, you need to watch ads during this time. And if the viewer clicks on the link in the commercial, the channel’s owner also receives a monetary reward.

How to monetize on YouTube

YouTube revenue for contextual advertising may not be available to all users who have YouTube channels. In addition to the simple registration and creation of the channel, it is necessary to go through moderation to enable advertising. Users who have reached 10,000 channel views can apply for moderation. The application is submitted through the menu of the creative studio, where it is necessary to select the item “Status and features”, and then follow the link to monetization. Sometimes it’s not possible to enable monetization, and an error appears. In this case, go to the settings and select a different country of registration. Experienced bloggers have noticed that moderation happens easier and faster when the specified country of registration is the United States. You must also specify the formats of commercials that will be broadcast during viewing. It is better to choose all formats, as this increases the chance of successful moderation by video hosting.

Could the channel monetization be disabled?

If for some reason the account owner decided to stop getting income from displaying the contextual advertising, they can go to the settings and disable monetization. In the YouTube settings, one can connect commercials to certain videos. That is, the owner of the channel can independently set monetization in their videos. This allows not to lose subscribers and get new ones, since a huge amount of advertising in the videos is not liked by other users. Therefore, it is better not to display contextual advertising in all videos.

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What videos allow to earn on displaying ads?

The YouTube administration has established rules according to which you can receive cash income from displaying contextual advertising in their videos. Not all videos can earn money. For example, if the owner of the channel publishes content with rudeness and profanity, or their videos broadcast cruelty, violence, adult content, as well as a call to perform dangerous actions, in these cases monetization will be disabled. It is also forbidden to make money on YouTube when publishing videos where one can see the manifestation of discrimination, insults, provocative materials, advertising of drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, firearms, as well as a call to terrorism. Therefore, you should not violate the rules of video hosting, since with a large number of violations there is a possibility of getting the channel and YouTube account blocked. Before you post a video on your profile, you must carefully read the terms and conditions of use of the community. You should also read the affiliate program and AdSense program policies. If you comply with all of the above rules, using monetization you can earn good money. But you should not forget that the content should be interesting in order to increase the number of views and attract new subscribers.

Many users dream of promoting their channel on the world-famous video hosting as soon as possible. Of course, they need to publish interesting and high-quality content. But there are also other methods of increasing popularity, some of which are paid.

Monetization on YouTube

How to get a YouTube channel with a high rating?

The paid ways of increasing a YouTube profile’s rating include advertising with famous bloggers. But this method can be very expensive for the newbie bloggers. There is a cheaper, but no less effective method to increase the number of subscribers and views on your YouTube channel. To do this, you need to contact the professionals at theAll-SMM service, who will quickly help to increase the channel rating. Experts know all the tricks how to increase the rating, without violating the rules of the video community. The cost of the service is quite favorable, in addition, all costs will pay off in the shortest possible time. If you don’t feel like investing in promoting a YouTube channel, you can try to promote your account yourself. For this, profiles on other social networks are used, as well as the requests to friends and acquaintances to repost and leave comments.

Of course, the owners of channels with a high rating earn excellent money literary staying at home. But in order to achieve such results, they had to make a lot of efforts, as well as to invest their money at the initial stage of blogging development. Each user independently chooses the methods of promoting the account, but if there is a desire to receive YouTube income from monetization, it is better to contact the proven specialists at the service specializing in promoting accounts on social networks.

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