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Why is TikTok Popularity Growing?

Among all the modern social networks, TikTok is considered to be the fastest growing. Analysts disagree about the reasons for such popularity, but there is one common idea: content that is easy to consume. Let's try to figure out the secret of popularity of this social network and how it has reached such a high level.

Why is TikTok Popularity Growing?


  • What is TikTok?
  • A bit of history
  • Secret of popularity
  • Features of the social network
  • Posting video
  • Selecting music
  • Conclusion

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network where users upload their videos. However, unlike YouTube or Instagram, TikTok has the built-in editor. You can add your unique audio track to each video. The most sophisticated users select music with the bit matching the video sequence. The result is a very high-quality picture corresponding to the high-quality sound.

A bit of history

Initially, the app was designed in China. There, it took its first steps in the market of Internet services. Over time, there appeared Tik Tok video on YouTube as small collections. Initially, this was done for the entertaining purposes, but over time it became clear that such a distribution attracts new users. As a result, marketers of the company quickly figured out how to promote your app.

Secret of popularity

What is the main secret of the TikTok popularity? Most likely, the reason lies in the fact that the content is very easy to consume. It does not carry a high semantic load, so it does not require much mental effort to be perceived. At the same time, this is not some kind of black film, popular on the Internet. All the Tik Tok videos are light and discreet, many of them are very funny. That is why the audience watches them with pleasure.

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Features of the social network

The social network has a number of features. In addition to the type of content, there is a special news feed and the possibility of commenting. Another important feature is a built-in editor, that has been mentioned earlier. It allows to perfectly cast a musical composition on the video series.

Posting video

The process of posting a new video in the social network is no different from the same process in other services. It is worth noting that the best Tik Tok videos get into a special top where all users can watch them. However, this can be avoided if you make your account private in advance. Privacy today is available in all social networks.

Why is TikTok Popularity Growing?

Selecting music

Among all the features of the social network, it is worth mentioning the richest selection of music. There are thousands of songs for every taste, from classical music to modern experimental ones. You can find videos with the music of Bach or Chopin located next to such performers as Big Baby Tape, Eljay and many others.


Of course, the social network TikTok will only get more and more popular with every month. If you would like to create a popular account there and gain a large number of TikTok likes and views, then the best thing is to start it today. We hope that the information in this article will help you!

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