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Why Telegram Blocks Accounts and how to Avoid Blocking

Telegram users may face not only an application block, but also their own accounts being blocked. However, in this case the user block is done by the administration of the messenger. What to do if you got banned, and how to avoid it?

Why Telegram Blocks Accounts and how to Avoid Blocking


  • Reasons of blocking accounts in Telegram
  • How to avoid a ban
  • How long the ban lasts
  • How to get rid of the ban
  • How to get rid of a valid ban
  • Conclusion

Reasons of blocking accounts in Telegram

From the very beginning the priority for the managing administration was the safety of the users, including their protection from spam, advertising and malicious links. If your account gets noticed for such activity, its blocking is almost inevitable. A few complaints from other users will be enough. For registering in Telegram again, you will need a new phone number, so it is better to avoid the ban.

How to avoid a ban

  • Do not send out advertisements, even if it might be interesting for other users.
  • Do not send links to the third-party sites.
  • Do not advertise courses, gaming clubs or products.
  • Do not invite too many users to the channel.

One of the main rules is to observe the restrictions set in the channel. Such violations often lead to complaints from other users.

Why Telegram Blocks Accounts and how to Avoid Blocking

How long the ban lasts

Telegram block does not always last forever. Most often it depends on how often and how serious your violations were. If you are banned for a couple of messages, the ban may take a week or less. If spamming has been massive, you can lose your account for a longer time or forever.

If you create many telegram online accounts from different phone numbers, this does not mean that you are protected from blocking. In case of mass mailings of advertising, all accounts connected by different signs are blocked. For example, by a common IP-address. In this case, you can risk not only all your personal and advertising accounts in the messenger, but also the accounts of everyone using the same wi-fi.

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How to get rid of the ban

If you received an undeserved ban, act as follows:

  • Open search and find a channel named @spambot.
  • Select this bot and start chatting.
  • To start chatting with a bot, tap ‘Start’ button.
  • If there are no restrictions for your account, the bot will tell you this.
  • If there are some restrictions, the bot will tell you for how long they will last.

Why Telegram Blocks Accounts and how to Avoid Blocking

How to get rid of a valid ban

If you get blocked, the easiest way to get rid of it is to wait for its end. In this case, you do not need to do anything, just to wait with sending messages. If the restriction is imposed forever, you can also go the easy way and change the phone number. This method is not always convenient - if you don’t have the opportunity to register a new SIM card or don’t want to spend time on it, you can try to prove the Telegram administration that you are right.

If there are serious violations, writing to support and trying to prove your rights is meaningless. Moderation works strictly according to the rules, and no persuasion will work for the Telegram team. Plus, the administration has repeatedly asked users not to load moderators with meaningless requests and unnecessary work. Too often contacting support can only lead to more serious sanctions. For example, instead of just one account they can block everything.

If there is no your fault in violations, there are ways of how to restore a telegram account. There are cases when the algorithms worked automatically and imposed a restriction for no reason. For example, if you send an invitation to an event to all your friends, classmates or colleagues. In this case, you need to send an email to spam@telegram.org and describe the situation in detail providing evidence. This will take some time, support is usually very busy. But in two or three days the ban will be removed if the robot was mistaken in detecting the violation.


Only one thing can be done to avoid blocking in Telegram. Follow the rules of the messenger and do not break the protection algorithms. If you need promotion in Telegram you can safely use the service All-SMM here https://us.all-smm.com/telegram. You will get help in making an advertisement and not getting blocked for any violations.

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