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Using the platform Telegraph from Telegram

The popularity of the Telegram messenger is constantly growing. It is easy to use, but also it provides a large number of tools for business. In this article, we will look closely at the blog platform located at telegra.ph

What is this blog platform for?

On this site one can publish different articles and notes. The advantage is that along with the records it is also possible to upload pictures and videos from YouTube or Vimeo as well as links to various sites. It should be noted that the platform has an interface easy to use. The use of the platform is not limited only to the articles published in Telegram but there are also links to information in various social networks and mailing platforms. We must admit that Telegraph can become an absolute replacement for the paid hosting used by many bloggers.

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The advantages of Telegraph are obvious if you don’t just publish a small post in your Telegram channel but post a long article with pictures and video files. The benefits of Telegraph will be noticed also when working with the affiliates programs. In this case you write some educational information on the subject of the advertised product and add it to your affiliate link (article-pad). This option should be used in case the social network does not provide an opportunity to go to the partner site despite its camouflaging with a shortcut or redirect. For this you put the text with a link not to the affiliate itself but to Telegraph.

Using the platform Telegraph from Telegram

How Telegraph works and how to show a record there

There is no need to make a registration for using this platform. Articles can be posted anonymously. For this go to telegra.ph and you’ll see the page opened which is necessary for publishing articles, pictures and videos. Publishing text on the platform is quite simple. First, write the name of the future article in the column ‘Title’. Then in the column called ‘Your name’ write the name of the post’s author and go to ‘Your story...’ where the text can be written. It can be written right on the platform or copied from the text editor.

Many users want to upload videos and photos along with the text. This procedure is also done easily. For this move your cursor to the expected place in the body of the text and after that you will see 2 icons on the left: the triangular brackets (meaning adding video files) and the camera (meaning photo upload).

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Let’s consider in detail both options of adding files.

Linking video files from YouTube or Vimeo

To add a video file move your cursor over the triangular brackets and click there. After that you’ll see an invitation to insert a link to the video file from YouTube, Vimeo or Twitter post and click ‘Add’. After that the file will be downloaded from the selected source.

Using the platform Telegraph from Telegram

Images download

For adding images and photos please do the following: put the cursor to the right place in the text, select the icon with the camera image and click to it. After the files with the images from your computer will be opened select the one you need and upload it. Later you can make a description under the image.

To format an article select the necessary part of the text and after that a toolbar appears. Select the action you need. Publishing is done by pressing the button ‘Publish’ and the article will be shown to Telegram users. You can edit the published article any time by clicking ‘Edit’. Please remember that editing is possible only from that computer from which the publication has been made. In case you need to add a bot use the Telegram @telegraph platform search engine.

After installation open the chat with the bot and click ‘Start’. The bot allows you to register quickly and then enter your page from any computer and perform all necessary actions. You can enter your personal account on the platform directly from the page with the bot clicking to ‘Log in as ... on this device’.

If you click ‘My posts’ button information will appear on the number of published posts and how many people have watched them. To start editing text click on its name. For information about the additional settings click ‘Settings’.

More details on adding Telegraph links bulk to the Telegram channel

It should be also specified that when you add a link to the Telegram channel the first text lines and the attached image are loaded. It is also possible to add more information to the text.

When using the platform on mobile devices there is a feature such as Instant View allowing you to quickly view information with a minimum traffic spent.

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