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The use of bots in Telegram

Today we will pay attention to such a tool as bots for Telegram, describe their usage and give instructions concerning creating them. A bot is a standard program allowing you to find the necessary information quickly, post content, collect account’s statistics, etc. It also helps to get more Telegram members on your account.

The use of bots in Telegram

Using bots in Telegram

Types of existing bots:

1. Game bots are tools allowing one to open various games.

2. Chat bots are tools consisting of various chat rooms. They imitate live conversation on a given topic.

3. Assistants are kind of an additional tool to the main web variant. These bots are developed by online services.

4. Informers as a tool independently monitor all events and notify the users.

Let's shed some light on the features of creation and characteristics of the main robots. First of all, pay your attention to BotFather. It is considered to be the most important one. Using it the user can manage all the bots created. In addition it is used for creating new tools. Accordingly, due to the usage of this bot the user has the opportunity to independently create an additional tool allowing new bots launch. It has several important features. It recognizes and implements all specified settings, including adding changes to the bots already created.

The use of bots in Telegram

1. Please use the "Start" button for displaying the menu on the screen.

2. Enter the command /newbot for creating a tool allowing you to run additional bots. The system will ask you to create a tool name.

3. Important: your bot name must be written in Latin characters only.

4. At the next stage you’ll be suggested how to call your bot. The name must include the ending ‘bot’. Send a message. Immediately after that you’ll get a token. You’ll need it when you’d like to create a new bot.


This tool helps to track the activity on each of your channels. In addition, with the help of a robot you can create posts. The functionality of this tool is quite diverse.

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The use of bots in Telegram

How to manage this bot

1. To display the menu please click the "Start" button.

2. To connect the channel you need please select the item "channels". Now you need to add the channel.

3. After that you will be able to activate the bot. After clicking the "connect" button you will be shown a step-by-step instructions. If you have created a bot using BotFather earlier just copy your token and paste it into the form. In case you don’t have a personal bot use the instructions above.

4. When you send the token add the robot to the administrators of the selected channel. You’ll need to login your profile. At the very bottom you’ll see the administrator’s mark. Now select the button "add the administrator".

5. Now you need to send your accounts nickname to the ControllerBot. Only specify the time parameters and the robot who will be publishing your content.

6. To use the "Controller" you have to select a specific account for placing the content. After that you can create the necessary content.

Placement of delayed content

This robot allows everyone to create posts that need to be published at a certain time. Accordingly, after creating the post we attach some additional data. Click "next" and set the necessary time. The time zone will be set automatically. The one specified at the very beginning will be chosen by default.

Thus, creating telegram bots is quite simple. Even people who are not that good at using computers can easily cope with this. If you don't want to use it, get more Telegram channel members with ALL-SMM.

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