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Using All Telegram Features for Creating and Developing Your Own Popular Channel

Currently, full advantages of social networks are rarely used. Telegram, as one of the most popular means of communication, is at the peak of the information wave. Modern technology has been enriched with the latest "tricks." Many of them have important qualities for the "advanced" users.


  • The best on Telegram
  • Five best bots
  • Important for the member
  • Functionality and features of recommended bots
  • The most popular Telegram crypto signals
  • Modern Telegram is a popular news bot
  • Attracting new members to the Telegram channel
  • Ways
  • Advertising on various channels
  • Opportunities and methods of finding a Telegram channel
  • Conclusion

Using All Telegram Features for Creating and Developing Your Own Popular Channel

The best on Telegram

The service Telegram Crypto-Change Bot is the best Telegram crypto bot, out of the five most popular ones. It includes statistical channels, exchanges, chat rooms.

The best Telegram crypto signals are constantly published on special channels that are in great demand at the market.

Telegram crypto news bot is called DeCentre, Here, the news and informational articles about the training plan are constantly updated. It is the largest channel covering contemporary themes of block-chain and cryptocurrency.

The following questions are of great interest: how to get many members in your Telegram channel and how to find Telegram channels. Professional advice will help.

Five best bots

Important for the member

Of the greatest interest for the advanced user is the maximum use of cryptocurrency and receiving a minimum commission. The anonymous translation reaches the "addressee" instantly. Using exchanges, exchange "offices", private "money changers", it is possible to earn good money.

With the news available on the channels specializing in the technology of handling “crypto” currency it is easy to buy or sell bitcoins. Creating your own “wallet”, issuing checks, visiting a “school for the newbies” is for the good.

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Functionality and features of recommended bots

There are Telegram bots for the active interaction. The ones considered to be the best ones are: Telegram Crypto-Change Bot, Cryptobot, DCBot, CallCoin, Bitcoin. Their functions are slightly different. For example, CallCoin allows to save on international calls. Anonymity is guaranteed. And Bitcoin is a great helper for the beginners (videos, literature, applications, etc.)

Lots of useful information. Answers to the questions asked about the bot. The presence of addresses in the Telegram chat rooms and channels on same topic. Evaluation of the financial situation and transactions. Value and rate changes of the currency pairs.

The main advantage is that one can send the necessary amount to the “wallet” without even knowing its address. The owner will be able to receive a cash at a convenient time at the current rate.

In the last sections you can learn how to contribute to the development of the school: by deed, advice or coins. Also contact the developer bot.

Using All Telegram Features for Creating and Developing Your Own Popular Channel

The most popular Telegram crypto signals

Here we will talk about posting crypto signals (trading recommendations for traders) for the growing market dynamics. It is the promptness of a post that makes them so significant among the Telegram participants.

There are both paid and free crypto signals. Newcomers to the market from the commercial communities receive offers to purchase their own crypto signals.

The most famous sources on the issues of the newest cryptocurrency and block-chain industry are described below:

  • The channel CryptoSliva publishes signals and insights. The team consists mostly of marketers, analysts, programmers of high qualification. They have their own bot, an additional channel for reporting signals. Reliability is the main criterion of work;
  • The channel Cryptoleak specializes in conducting analysis of ICO-reviews news. Simple and intuitive for beginners;
  • CoinTrade. Full impact in the form of the team experience. New trend in learning margin trading operations.

For the trader’s work, there must be several sources proven in practice. They are of great help for the fundamental analysis. Beware of quackery and use only reliable sources. For example, CryptoSliva, Cryptobros, Bit Dynamics.

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Modern Telegram is a popular news bot

The tangible benefits of cryptocurrency channels are in the quality and reliability of the news posted on the channels. Unfortunately, fraud often causes distrust in Telegram. Experienced users recommend following reliable channels:

  • Shifro-money: tips, practice, detailed analysis of the current situation;
  • CryptoConsulting: trading information and analysis of cryptocurrency cost dynamics; shopping tips;
  • Cryptoved: detailed description of the topic;
  • Masonscrypto: the most important data on the market and the slightest nuances. Rarely published data.

Attracting new members to the Telegram channel


There are enough ways of getting the "influx" of new Telegram members. Preference might be given to the following:

  • advertising in other sources;
  • direct advertising;
  • presence in the compilations of popular sites;
  • buying own bots;
  • ability to buy members not interested in the result.

Free ways of attracting members include: comments, catalogs, collections.

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Using All Telegram Features for Creating and Developing Your Own Popular Channel

Advertising on various channels

Evaluating your own content gives the opportunity to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Improve the first and get rid of the second. Properly spent budget will help to develop the channel and attract really interested members.

Clearly formed advertising strategy is the key to the success of the channel. For a good start, it is enough about 2000 rubles (900 UAH) per week - the cost of advertising on small channels and in some compilations. The result is significant. In one or two weeks more than five hundred members will be attracted. The budget has grown - you can run ads further.

According to the majority of the channel owners, it does not make sense to advertise on big channels immediately. There are other “scales” here. No chance to get the required number of subscribers.

Opportunities and methods of finding a Telegram channel

It is easy to get lost in the variety of Telegram channels, their number exceeds a thousand. Finding a channel for yourself is not an easy task. At the beginning, it discourages. Only the first three search results are shown, taking into account the probability of having ordinary users in them.

Still, there is a solution. Use the recommended methods and find exactly what you need.

  • Check the name (username) of the desired community regularly. Often, just one letter (subject - cryptocurrency) leads to the intended goal;
  • No exact name. Approximately similar words are entered. Such search significantly reduces the likelihood of finding;
  • Almost 100% guarantee of a successful search is to enter “@ the name of the channel” into the search box. “UserName” has a unique set of a sign combination, which means that wrong options are excluded.

It is most likely to find the desired channel in the specialized Internet directories. Admins introduce their additional posts for "promotion" quite often.


Constant development of your channel is the key to the commercial success. Telegram in many ways is the most advanced and contemporary social network for such purposes.

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