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All Secrets of Telegram

Telegram is a full-fledged social network. It is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the statistics. The number of active users is about six million, and this number is constantly growing. You can open a cryptobot on Telegram, learn cryptocurrency trading signals and how to find Telegram groups, create a crypto pump group Telegram or get to know how to get Telegram members. The opportunities are unlimited here.


  • What is Telegram
  • Key benefits
  • Additional features
  • Is it possible to download Telegram in Russian?
  • Customizing Russian interface
  • Security features
  • Data exchange
  • Voice calls
  • Stickers
  • Communities
  • Conclusion

All Secrets of Telegram

What is Telegram

Telegram is a program that will definitely replace all instant messengers in future. It can be run on a computer, phone or tablet. With it, one can create cryptobots on Telegram, add members to the Telegram group and send various files.

One can join chats, subscribe to the feeds. Messages are synchronized on all devices, which is very convenient. The account can be used to store data in the cloud.

Key benefits

The main advantages of using Telegram:

  • minimum amount of traffic consumed in the network;
  • high speed of data transfer;
  • minimum free space on the device;
  • messages are sent even with no Internet (they will be downloaded when Internet appears);
  • the program is absolutely free, there is no advertising or paid features;
  • fast synchronization process with various devices;
  • correspondence is saved automatically;
  • message history can be deleted at a specific time;
  • there are different versions of the app;
  • draft message can be saved and sent later;
  • chance to comment someone else's messages;
  • secret chat;
  • online version of Telegram with no installation on a PC.

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Additional features

Additional features include:

  • you can simultaneously run multiple copies of the app (for example, on a smartphone and laptop);
  • ability to hide the phone number - in this case the selected nickname is displayed;
  • simple search for pictures on the network;
  • adding multiple photos to your profile;
  • hashtags are used for simplifying the data retrieval process;
  • a sent message could be deleted or edited;
  • ability to search by a group;
  • the color theme remains the same on different devices;
  • mentioning other users in messages;
  • notifications can be turned off.

All Secrets of Telegram

Is it possible to download Telegram in Russian?

Telegram in Russian was launched two years ago. Now you can simply go to the official developer website and download the installation file. In the process of installation, just select Russian.

Customizing Russian interface

If you have not set up the language during installation, go to the main menu. Choose your chat and type the command @tgrusbot. After that, you will be given instructions for further action. All interface elements must be translated correctly.

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Security features

Telegram is considered to be one of the safest instant messengers today. No one has yet been able to crack the app encryption algorithm. Among the main functions of the secret mode are:

  • creating chats not saving correspondence in the cloud;
  • encryption, which saves the files on the user's device without sending them to the server;
  • feature of deleting messages on a timer;
  • setting a secret code to protect user data from break-in;
  • ability to delete a message for the recipient;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • setting up an automatic account deletion after a certain period expires.

Data exchange

You can transfer or download files up to 1.5 GB. Telegram provides the ability to download data later if the connection to the Internet is lost. In other similar messengers, things are much worse with sending files.

On Telegram there is no clear limit on the number of transferred files. You can also use unlimited cloud storage. The quality of photos and videos remains the same, since the compression algorithm is used without loss of quality.

You can record voice messages, shoot video up to one minute long, as well as play multimedia files. You can also set the algorithm for downloading files. By default, all files are uploaded to your device and deleted during the week.

Voice calls

During the call, data is protected by encryption. That is, they are not sent to a third-party server. Voice communication is convenient and provides wide functionality. You can open a call in the background and simultaneously send a message to another person if necessary. You can also answer another outgoing call and continue this one afterwards.

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All Secrets of Telegram


Stickers are absolutely free. You can download any set from the official site. You can also create your own Telegram stickers.

There is no need to add the entire collection for sending. It is also possible to automatically replace emoticons with stickers. You can find stickers for every taste.


Telegram also provides great opportunities for business. Chats, whole list of Telegram channels and bots are actively used for promotion by many companies. Also these types of communities can be distinguished:

  1. Groups. The number of participants does not exceed two hundred. This is a closed community. Here you can share files and information. There is a group administrator. It is possible to hide phone numbers and limit the number of sent messages.
  2. Super-groups. The number of participants can reach ten thousand. You can delete messages or restrict access. Users are added by invitation.
  3. Channels include a large number of participants. Here you can only read information. The user can not send a message. They are presented in the form of a news feed or column.


Telegram is not just an instant messenger, but a social network uniting a large number of people. It also provides a wide scope of features for business. It is recommended to use professional help both for boosting up members and promote your Telegram efficiently.

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