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The Newest Features of Telegram for the Advanced Users

Using the latest technologies, Telegram never gets tired of surprising and delighting their regular users. At the same time, the number of members is growing quickly. Appearance of cryptocurrency and active actions about it is a great achievement for many people since it is an instant transferring of funds with minimal commission.


  • Cryptocurrency and its use
  • Membership in Telegram
  • Bots and groups for operations with cryptocurrency
  • Functions of Telegram cryptobots
  • Exchangers in Telegram
  • Advantages of Telegram
  • Conclusion

The Newest Features of Telegram for the Advanced Users

Cryptocurrency and its use

1.1 Membership in Telegram

Currently, the popularity of using cryptocurrency is only growing lately. There are several options of how to get members in Telegram channel. The user is determined by the channel and id added. Why to use the mobile or computer version of the messenger?

In order to learn the latest crypto news on Telegram, you can use special channels.

DeCentre is the most popular one. It has more than 75 thousand members. The latest news are updated daily in the morning. Daytime, articles are published in Russian, teaching all the possibilities of using the artificial payment system.

In English, similar information is published in Cointelegraph channel.

Bots and groups for operations with cryptocurrency

The principle of one-chat pump group operation is manipulation with price. It is aimed at getting profit from sale. Such group may consist of thousands of users and more, attracted by advertising. Chat users buy currency, achieve its maximum value, and then sell the coin. Attracted by buying, the third-party users lose money. Usually, the winners are the organizers and people close to them. Thus, be careful.

Not that long ago, the concept of a crypto Telegram bot was added. A small program performs specific actions with the virtual currency. Many new currencies have not yet gained their higher value. Consequently, they are exchanged. Bots are necessary for this. Telegram is the discoverer of such a direction. The Telegram crypto exchange bot is mostly used by the advanced users. There is a school for beginners. Looking through it, they will quickly come into the picture.

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Functions of Telegram cryptobots

For tracking the operational information online and for the user convenience, developers have introduced a special bot which allows to control the following:

  • The dynamics of the rate of ethereum and bitcoin against dollar. If necessary, the currency of interest is entered manually;
  • Movement in the form of currency pairs graphics;
  • Total capitalization and currency rating table.

In addition, its functions include the implementation of:

  • Exchange being a convenient, fast and profitable way of work with cryptocurrency;
  • Notifications for setting a higher or lower mark related to the current exchange rate. In this case, the bot notifies about its rise or drop;
  • Viewing the last 150 transactions in the currency of interest.

Exchangers in Telegram

In the cross-platform server messenger, the little-known functions are introduced for a wide audience. They make the communication of users with the computer easier.

The development of a virtual currency system has created the need for the exchange within it. There appeared the exchanger (Telegram Change Bot). A few clicks, and the sale or purchase of bitcoins is carried out. Everything happens automatically and is very convenient for the user. The built-in exchanger that does not require any additional settings, supports multiple languages.

The bot is very simple. Beginners can learn and use it quickly. There is a special video describing the principle of operation. How to communicate with the program, simple settings and operations of purchases / sales of bitcoins are done.

The exchange operation with a real person makes the bot a kind of guarantor between the seller and the buyer. Personal identification is done according to the documents. Reliability, simplicity, actuality are the basis of such a procedure.

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The Newest Features of Telegram for the Advanced Users

Advantages of Telegram

Previously, the “move” on the traffic opening competition attracted many security professionals from all over the world. Thanks to their comments, the service has got an improved system now.

The Telegram code has been opened (GNU GPL 2.0 license). Due to this, members can easily use it. Now it can be downloaded and studied, improved and applied. Even commerce is not an exception.

The exceptions are the companies with the distribution of revenues among both employees and shareholders.

In the nearest future, the service will be able to provide fast and secure transmission of short voice messages. WhatsApp is an exception, where the stealth mode will appear instead (no online status) when communicating.

The speed of the user work in Telegram is a great merit of the developers.

An important fact in the modern world is that the service will never get on sale. Even in case Google would like to acquire it. To cover the expenditures of the donation model, “paid” (optional) functions are created.

There is no news page at the server, but it provides several microblogs on Twitter. They apply for the technical support and unique project information.

For most users, the lack of advertising causes a "sigh of relief." Basically, it is the only server where one does not even think about ads. If necessary, special tools will be provided for the brand promotion.

Telegram has two clients (for iPhone and Android). This position recognizes quality and retains its own copyright.

For Windows, MacOs X, Linux, there are unofficial clients, including seven ones for WindowsPhone, distinguished by their degree of readiness.

For anyone who wants to have an opportunity to create their own client, the catch is the required quality.

Five locations of cloud servers provide full coverage of the international space. They work independently. For Europeans, such services are provided by the London Center. Asian users communicate through Singapore. Mexican customers are served in San Francisco. User switching is provided.

It is important to ensure independence from the KGB and the NSA (the office is located in Berlin). For many Telegram users, this is the reason why they register here.

Solid guarantees are provided when attempting to sneak into the user's personal information. All encrypted information is guarded carefully. Each cluster has its special key saved in absolutely different places.

For the higher security, special chats with the improved security measures are used. Communication is only possible between two people using the encryption. The end of such information delivery is a signal for deleting data from the server.


The greatest positive feedback for Telegram is the ability to support up to two hundred users at a time. This ensures its primacy among many other servers. Telegram is the server for those who evaluate the quality.

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