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Benefits in the Number of Members and Buying them Smartly

The majority of Telegram users do not know exactly why a lot of members joining are needed and what revenue can be received from them. Virtual business is incredibly popular nowadays, so lots of free and paid ways and services have been invented for the users to increase the number of Telegram members.

Benefits in the Number of Members and Buying them Smartly


  • Free and paid boost and its advantages
  • Boost for free
  • Paid ways of increasing number of members
  • Earnings on Telegram channel
  • Why you need views and members

Free and paid boost and its advantages

Gradually gaining its popularity, the platform attracts more companies providing different types of boosts. There is nothing bad in this; everyone chooses whether to do it himself or to use an easier and faster way of attracting the audience.

It’s not so easy to do everything yourself, for example, a common question arises: Telegram how to find chat id? It is necessary for sending messages by the bot. To understand such questions you need to read a lot first.

Not everyone clearly understands the rationality of using both methods, and most importantly the security of the paid method. Is it profitable to pay for members? To answer this question you should understand all the positive and negative aspects of both methods.

Boost for free


  • No money spent which will pay off with profit.
  • Gaining experience in the communities development that could help in future.
  • First you could learn about Telegram how to add contact. These contacts can be the first members.

Benefits in the Number of Members and Buying them Smartly


  • Big volume of work.
  • No control about the joining members.
  • Possible blocking.
  • Services can transfer malware to PCs and laptops.

Paid ways of increasing number of members


  • Quick result.
  • Choosing day or night time for the boost to look naturally.
  • Unlimited volume of boosts.
  • The quantity is individually adjusted to the request.


  • Reliability.
  • Getting blocked is possible.
  • This is not a panacea for popularity, but a subject to work with.

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Earnings on Telegram channel

Probably everyone knows about making money on interesting content on virtual platforms. Telegram is not an exception. Businessmen of the new type will be able to receive dividends from their channels. There are several types of earnings in this network:

  • Advertising, or rather selling it, is the most common way. For this you need a channel with members, not bots, but active ‘live’ accounts. Only in this case there is an opportunity to have income. The first thing is finding an advertiser, preferably fitting the main topic of the channel, or at least unobtrusive. After that it is necessary to sign an agreement and place advertising info. Advertisers are not that stupid, so they will check the audience before paying.
  • PR of other accounts is also very popular. For this you also need a sufficient number of people following your content.
  • Helping yourself when managing a side business (for example, an online store of clothing, equipment, etc.) people often create channels in Telegram where they advertise their activity for free. If you have a proper number of live accounts you will get a great benefit.
  • Instead of a store, not creating a separate website for selling goods, people can use a page in this messenger.

The above ways of earning money are in great demand, but any of them requires a significant amount of audience following the channel. Thus, sooner or later, almost any user aiming at development will seek help in boosting up with someone’s help or on their own.

Benefits in the Number of Members and Buying them Smartly

Why you need views and members

The more, the better - this phrase perfectly fits this topic. A large number of members and views, respectively, gives a chance to increase the channel’s revenue. Of course, some people just want to become famous, which will not happen if there is only a hundred of views. Main bonuses will be:

  • Monetization equal to the profit.
  • Growing popularity of the individual or the channel in general.
  • Even purchased members attract the real ones with their number.
  • Fast spreading of the subjectively important information.
  • People like subscribing to communities with a significant number of members.

Thus it becomes clear that members or rather their number play an important role in the promotion and sale of content. To increase these, it is better to refer to the site All-SMM where you can find all the necessary information about the services and the prices.

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