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Basic Principles of a Successful Promotion of Channels, Groups and Chats in Telegrams

Messengers today are in the first place used for internet marketing. They already start overtaking the social networks. A good example is Telegram. There are different ways of making money in Telegram. Today, many young businessman earn in this messenger. And the money there could be compared to the money in some branches of traditional business.

Basic Principles of a Successful Promotion of Channels, Groups and Chats in Telegrams


  • How to promote in Telegram
  • Promotion of a channel or group
  • Ads
  • Telegram chat
  • Other ways of promotion
  • Links from sites
  • Mentioning on blogs, forums
  • Mutual exchange

How to promote in Telegram

First of all, you need an account. You can register it yourself. Then create a channel, group or chat. And start their promotion. There are faster ways of promotion in Telegram. Some businessmen prefer buying an account. After all, the promotion will take both time and money. And buying a ready-made account with members will save time. Offers to buy the promoted accounts can be found on exchanges resources. You can find them in the search engine by entering the request ‘Telegram buy account’. Usually, the list shows the number of members, price for one member and price for the channel or group.

Promotion of a channel or group

There’s an opportunity of promoting channels or groups in Telegram. You can do it in different ways. The most important is Telegram get members. There are special sites offering effective service of this kind. With their help you can attract members to the channel.

The main thing to remember is that the channel must be interesting, and the content must be authors’, unique and attractive to the user. There are a lot of different channels. And the channels telling a bit here, a bit there on different topics are unlikely to get visitors’ interest. The channel’s topic should be clearly defined.

The same makes sense for the group. The title, description, titles of posts should correspond to the content. If the user is cheated, he will leave the channel.

Basic Principles of a Successful Promotion of Channels, Groups and Chats in Telegrams


Having ads is one of the main types of promotion. The most important task is to choose an efficient advertising campaign. For finding such a campaign you can use some recommendations.

Before you take an advantage of an advertising offer, it is worth studying how it works. If an ad is at the site, check the examples of its placement, reviews, the number of members.

Analyze the competitors. There are services allowing you to find out what ads were used by the competitors. You can check an example of not a direct competitor, but of any successful channel.

If an advertising offer is found, you can run a trial campaign. Invest into a small amount to understand how it works. Later you can run a bigger campaign.

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Telegram chat

You can create a secret, shared or group chat in Telegram. When creating a group chat you can add up to 30 thousand members. For remaining the only administrator of the conversation, change settings after creating a group chat.

A bot can also administer the chat if you add it as an administrator and program the necessary functions. With many participants in the chat spam may appear and it needs to be deleted. A bot can do this.

Basic Principles of a Successful Promotion of Channels, Groups and Chats in Telegrams

Other ways of promotion

In addition to the internal tools, you can use external links. Mentioning the channel on the website or blog will never be too much. It also can attract members. So why not take an advantage?

Links from sites

You can buy links from the external sites. There are special exchanges for this. Pay attention to the site traffic, CY, PR. Visits will bring customers from site to channel. CY and PR will show advantages in the search results.

Mentioning on blogs, forums

This should be done carefully for not getting into spam. Mentioning should be to the topic. When such a comment fits the discussion, it could attract members. But if it is inappropriate, it is likely that the moderator will delete it and ban the user.

Mutual exchange

Many use mutual links exchange. Or they place each other’s ads on their channels. Don’t overuse such posts. There should be not too much of these. To ‘dilute’ the main campaigns.

Earlier the social networks and instant messengers were just a tool for communication. Today, many business representatives appreciate the prospects and earning opportunities of these tools.

Using self-promotion channels you may get a lot of pitfalls, e.g. budget wasted for inefficient advertising or paying for ads which will never appear on bad faith owners popular resources. At All-SMM you can find professionals for promoting your channel in short time and your money will pay off with a guarantee.

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