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Strategy for Attracting Real Customers on Instagram

Well, a business account has been created. And there are even some followers. It’s not a secret that the first followers are friends and acquaintances who are unlikely to be the target audience. How to get customers using Instagram?


• Stages of developing a strategy of attracting customers

• Account promotion methods

• Promotion by yourself

• Promotion with the help of professionals

• Turning potential customers into real ones

Strategy for Attracting Real Customers on Instagram

Stages of developing a strategy of attracting customers

1. A competent approach to the design of the account. The title and description should briefly reflect the theme of the blog. Since only one activity link is allowed, we would advise to give link to another social network or site (if any) in order to provide yourself with another channel for the influx of followers.

2. Selection of the right hashtags. It is known that some Instagram users follow the topics of interest to them, which means that the hashtags should contain not only the name of the product / service, but also possible key requests from this area.

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3. Writing a content plan. High-quality photos and videos with draft titles are undoubtedly very important for a marketing blog. But if there is only advertising in the account, readers will unfollow. Posts should contain interesting information and be of different type (reviews, interviews, polls, contests, etc.).

4. The choice of ways of Instagram promotion. Various options are allowed here, either one by one or in combination.

Account promotion methods

There are many ways to increase the number of followers, focus on the most effective ones.

Promotion by yourself

1. Networking, or, in simple words, the creation of a network of useful contacts. At the initial stage, these are relatives, friends, acquaintances, who, in their turn, will also recommend your account to their contacts. In the future, with active communication with readers, business relationships can be established with strangers.

2. PR on a reciprocal basis with no expenses. You can find a business profile on similar topic (but not exactly the same!) And offer the owner to exchange advertising posts on each other's blogs.

3. Writing comments. You can write short, but very capacious remarks anywhere, in the hope of attracting attention to yourself.

Strategy for Attracting Real Customers on Instagram

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Promotion with the help of professionals

These methods require payment, but very quickly and repeatedly justify the investments.

1. Development of a stylish and individual blog design. An unusual and unique profile is always remembered by the visitors, turning them into followers, and contributes to the promotion of the brand.

2. Setting up targeted advertising. In other words, only the target audience selected by the specified parameters (age, gender, interests, needs, etc.) will see your offer.

3. The use of services that implement following in automatic mode. More than 90% of Instagram users visit the accounts following them; about 40% follow in response. If you are not followed, start the reverse process.

Turning potential customers into real ones

Once the desired number of followers is recruited, you should turn them into real buyers of the product / service. Such a result is achieved only with an integrated approach that includes such activities as: careful selection of the target audience, analysis of the competitors' blogs, creation of the high-quality and unique content, constant work with statistics, communication with readers and much more. Would you like to learn how to find customers on Instagram? Use the ALL-SMM service!

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