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Creating Instagram and IGTV on the Phone: Instructions

The Instagram app is a unique system that in a few years after it has been introduced has acquired a huge audience of users. This success was achieved due to a fresh topic and constant updates by new features that help to use this platform as a means of doing business or personal account. That is Instagram TV that opens up great opportunities.


• Developing IGTV

• Downloading video from phone

• Computer to help

• First steps on Instagram

Creating Instagram and IGTV on the Phone: Instructions

Developing IGTV

In 2017, there was first introduced a feature that allows Instagram users to post big-volume videos on their pages. This is a kind of challenge to YouTube, because many users immediately picked up this idea and started developing channels. Now IGTV allows to download videos that last from 15 to 10 minutes, but the popularity of such a feature will clearly force developers to think about increasing those characteristics. You can use your own TV in different ways, but the most often it’s blogging, analytical shows or selling goods or services for business.

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Downloading video from phone

After the video has been filmed, many users have questions: How does IGTV work? How to watch IGTV? Settings here are different from YouTube and even experienced users often get confused.

First of all, you need to go to your Instagram account and find a special icon with the “TV” symbol in the upper right corner. It opens the sections of the video. A video can be either uploaded as a separate unit or added to a channel, that can be created by taping the “gear” icon. It remains to upload your video or record it in real time. To do this, just select a vertical video and start recording (broadcasting), but it is important to immediately select the appropriate name.

The IGTV feature has appeared not that long ago and does not yet have all the features existing on YouTube, a website specialized on channels. You cannot create playlists on Instagram, groups and the name is the only way to highlight or somehow distribute the video by topic and time.

Computer to help

There is no chance to watch content from IGTV on PC yet, but with its help it is much easier and faster to download the content to your page.

The whole procedure is done in three steps:

1. First of all, go to Instagram and select one of the “IGTV” tabs, which leads to the created channel.

2. Before the user opens all the downloaded videos and the “download” button.

3. After tapping the “upload” tab, it remains only to select the file for downloading and after a while it will be added to the channel.

After downloading, it remains to choose a name and a picture (first shot) that will reflect the essence of the video.

Creating Instagram and IGTV on the Phone: Instructions

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First steps on Instagram

New features, popularity and other things are quite understandable, but what about people who are just taking their first steps in this direction and don’t know how to create an Instagram on the phone. The whole procedure can be divided into several steps:

1. Download the Instagram app from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

2. Go to registration and enter the email address.

3. Select the nickname that will be used on the page and password.

4. Confirm registration by email.

5. Fill in (if desired) the data, add a photo, follow the accounts of friends on social networks.

Easy registration opens the door to the world of entertainment, as well as gives the opportunity to develop your business. The main thing here is to earn popularity and win followers that will create a chain reaction for the growth of the page’s popularity. For relatively small money, this procedure can be accelerated if you use the services to increase Instagram followers. This will save a lot of time, especially if it is important to get into the top of Instagram discoveries.

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