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Promotion on Instagram. How Useful could it Be?

Instagram is a commercially successful platform for the youth where thousands of photos, videos and text records are published daily by the users from all over the world. But what could be done by newbie content makers who have what to show, but have no popularity?


  • The meaning of promotion on Instagram
  • What a large audience gives
  • What time is needed to achieve the result?
  • Tips for proper promotion
  • Income
  • Conclusion

Promotion on Instagram. How Useful could it Be?

The meaning of promotion on Instagram

After the account becomes popular, it becomes attractive for advertisers of different financial and social statuses. So the prices, terms and advertising contracts scale depend on it. When a blogger becomes popular, he can impose his terms and receive impressive income.

For those who came to the social network for creativity, buying followers on Instagram will be a good opportunity, so that thousands of people will see what the blogger does.

What a large audience gives

Before talking about what the audience brings, it should be said about what they do:

  1. View, like and comment a blogger's posts
  2. Support in the hard times
  3. Attracts friends, who become part of the channel’s audience later

If a blogger posts an advertisement, it’s the audience who watch it and follow the links. Out of 1,000 people viewing the record, only 30-50 users follow the link. This figure is growing in proportion to the audience number.

What a large audience does and what it could give is the same thing. In the case of a commercial product, customer loyalty to advertising will be a plus; in the case of a creative person, the fundamental factor will be a gradual increase of the audience watching and putting likes to the work of the blogger.

What time is needed to achieve the result?

Depending on the goals and intentions of the content maker, it is possible to calculate the time that it would take him to reach the desired number. If a blogger has a specific goal - to launch his show or an exclusive format, but for this he needs views, the goal of 100 thousand followers could be achieved in a month.

The main thing in promoting Instagram is to make short, but interesting content without the meaningless texts not corresponding to the topic of the post. Then followers will view and like posts, and their number will grow every day.

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Tips for proper promotion

1. Create and post good content.

The entire Instagram system is ruled by the hype, and if a blogger wants to be discussed and always popular, he has to agree with that. It makes no sense to release the format not liked by the audience, if we speak of commercial promotion.

Otherwise, a person can do whatever he wants, but it is unlikely to gain good marks.

2. Try to match to your image.

It is extremely important not only to create an image, but to comply with it throughout the entire existence of the channel. If it was created for sharing one’s life, it can contain any type of content, while a narrowly focused channel cannot.

The same happens with the personal opinion and characteristics. To avoid any ambiguity between the blogger and the audience, it is better to stick to one style of worldview as long as possible. After all, the audience will not be able to understand the blogger, if he says one thing today, and absolutely different one the next day.

3. Keep your head up.

You should not abandon the idea of ​​promotion on Instagram based on a single fact or event. After all, SMM promotion is a whole set of actions aimed at promoting the customer’s content produced within a certain period of time.

The first 1,000 followers could be received on your own, but to get 100 thousand or more target audience, who will view, like and comment the posts and keep it, is not an easy task.

Promotion on Instagram. How Useful could it Be?


After Instagram promotion, a blogger can start receiving money from advertising posts, integrations, and voluntary donations from users.

For one ad post, an average channel on Instagram with the audience of 50-80 thousand followers receives from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. 2-3 such posts could be made during a day without any harm to the reputation, and it is possible to get a higher price.

Regardless of the purpose for which the blogger started, he will receive a steady income, growing with the increase of his audience and its activity.

Downloading an Instagram photo of the favorite blogger, the user will see the advertising integration with a brand and will follow it. This will await the content maker at the next level of development of his channel, but for now he has access to the advertising collaboration with underdeveloped channels and sites on the Internet.


Many YouTubers and other popular personalities create their Instagram channels and instantly gain hundreds, and sometimes millions of followers and views. But what about those who do not have a well-promoted channel on YouTube, a smartly built-up image or is not a media person?

Do not despair and keep your head up, because there is a an option of purchasing Instagram followers allowing to get the first result in 2-3 minutes. You can find it here https://us.all-smm.com/instagram.

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