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More Instagram Features

Any Instagram user has noticed that the application is updated frequently. Developers are improving the mobile program, coming up with the new features. Since appearing of Instagram, this social network has undergone many changes. New options help not only decorate posts and make them fun and original, but they also contribute to the increase in earnings. On Instagram you can not only make new friends, but also make good money.


  • What options exist there on Instagram
  • Instagram Stories
  • Live
  • Using Instagram filters
  • How to increase the popularity of your Instagram account
  • Contests, lotteries and giveaways
  • Applications for the promotion of Instagram account
  • Paid and efficient methods of Instagram promotion

More Instagram Features

What options exist there on Instagram

Many registered users want to get more likes on Instagram for free. Therefore, they use various options and settings in the application itself. Stories, filters, live streaming, photo editor… this is not the full list used by many Instagram celebrities. Each tool is good in its own way and helps move the post to the TOP of search.

Instagram Stories

Stories or Story, is a fairly new Instagram tool, but it has already gained popularity among the users. Any Instagram Story ideas could be used. Unlike regular publication, Stories are removed 24 hours after posting. Although in the settings you can prevent the deletion of Stories and it will be stored in the profile header. Instagram Story ads, as well as the post by a famous blogger is very expensive. Therefore, many people seek the ways of increasing their online audience to make money on Instagram advertising.


Live broadcasting is a kind of Instagram Stories. You can upload your videos in real time. Followers love open-hearted bloggers who are not scared of sharing how they spend their time. In addition, it is convenient to hold various giveaways and reposts contests via live streaming. Some businessmen use live streaming to present their products or services.

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Using Instagram filters

Instagram filters help make a published photo more expressive. With the help of artistic settings photos can be made light, dark, bright or dull. Also in the settings there is a section with adding emoticons and text to the photos. Some users use polls and voting. well, these sections are only available to the account holders with 10,000 followers and more. Polls and quizzes also have a positive effect on the growth of followers’ number.

How to increase the popularity of your Instagram account

To get a stable income on Instagram, you need a large number of views of posts, Stories and live streams. Therefore, you need more followers. The only thing is that followers should be “live”, not robotized pages that will be quickly blocked by the Instagram administration. There are several ways to promote your account. Each user chooses their own method, taking into account the disadvantages and advantages.

More Instagram Features

Contests, lotteries and giveaways

Organizing the online events with prizes is one of the most popular ways to promote your Instagram account. Followers love to take part in getting freebies, so they easily fulfill the required conditions. One of which is following a specific page, and you can also make a repost of the competitive record. It is enough to hold 1-2 contests per month so that the number of followers continues growing.

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Applications for the promotion of Instagram account

Some users refuse to pay for Instagram promotion and try to bring the page to the TOP on their own. For example, with the help of a special program. Usually these applications are free. Install it on an electronic device and perform all the tasks sent. As a task, you can follow another user, put like, repost someone else's post or write a comment. It is not difficult to complete tasks, but it takes a lot of time. Instead, other users also rate posts they need and subscribe to updates. In addition, this method of cheating is not approved by the administration of Instagram, so your profile might be blocked.

Paid and efficient methods of Instagram promotion

Paid methods of Instagram promotion always work well. There is no need to spend personal time to get the right number of likes or followers. You can do any business, while Instagram rating is growing quickly. There are two paid ways. One of the paid methods of Instagram promotion is advertising with the famous bloggers. The cost of an advertising post depends on the level of popularity of the blogger. Sometimes the price can reach up to 8 dollars. But there is also a cheaper way, which does not take your personal time, but is not less efficient. This is the use of services specializing on promotion in social networks. For example, the ALL-SMM team deserves great feedbacks for their professionalism. The experts know all Instagram tricks and help promote your account quickly and efficiently. The cost of services is quite low. And when ordering a package of services there are discounts and great offers.

Instagram is not only beautiful photos and videos, but also a great way to make money without leaving home. With the help of the social network there opens a lot of opportunities for becoming a successful person. But for this you need to make a little effort. And if you use the service for promotion of the profile in social networks, your time and effort will be minimal. This method of promotion is the most suitable, fast and profitable. Without a large number of followers earning seems unlikely. Therefore, you cannot waste time, but act faster!

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