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How to Avoid Instagram Shadow Ban

Any Instagram user wants to promote his profile and attract as many followers as possible. But promotion of the account must take place according to the rules of service. For the users who violate the administrative rules, various penalties could be applied. For example, a shadow ban. This state does not allow to continue with promoting your account, while the profile remains active.

How to Avoid Instagram Shadow Ban


• What is an Instagram shadow ban?

• Checking an Instagram shadow ban

• Duration of an Instagram shadow ban

• How to get rid of an Instagram shadow ban

• Prevention of an Instagram shadow ban

What is an Instagram shadow ban?

Some users are wondering whats an Instagram shadow ban? If the user has sharply decreased or stopped an activity in the account, while the followers remain active, we can speak of a shadow ban for this account. The shadow ban is used by the Instagram administration against the users who violate the rules of the service or behave aggressively and provocatively. In other words, the shadow ban turns a specific profile into an invisible one: new posts are not displayed in the news feed, and other users cannot find an account through the search query. But there are methods to deal with the shadow ban.

Checking an Instagram shadow ban

The shadow ban process has not been officially announced by the Instagram administration. But unofficially this method is used to prevent the mass cheating of followers, comments and likes. In addition, the shadow ban is used against the authors of fake news, provocative and pornographic posts. The administration of the worldwide famous social network decided to punish such users by partial blocking of their accounts. But the owner of an Instagram page could only guess this measure of punishment from the app administration, since there are no official notifications about that.

To recognize the shadow ban, one has to look at the activity profile carefully. Usually followers remain, sometimes there appear new comments and likes from them, but the new followers are not added. The number of likes can also be reduced. The account owner has to remember whether he has used the shadow methods of the profile promotion recently. Or maybe he has added provocative or aggressive publications. If at least one reply is positive, the shadow ban has been applied by the Instagram administration.

Duration of an Instagram shadow ban

Many users are interested in the Instagram shadow ban duration. But there is no clear answer to this question. Forum users discuss this issue. And the duration of the shadow ban is different for everyone. Someone was unblocked for one day, while others got the punishment of being invisible for a month. It all depends on the reason for the partial blocking of the profile. The precise information about the duration of the punishment cannot be found anywhere. The administration of the social network is not in a hurry to share this information with the users.

Also, many Instagrammers have noticed that the earlier they start the rehabilitation process, the faster their shadow ban gets canceled. Therefore, as soon as you get the first doubts, it is recommended to start the implementation of the advice from the experienced users immediately.

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How to Avoid Instagram Shadow Ban

How to get rid of an Instagram shadow ban

There are several methods of how to end Instagram shadow ban. In addition, you need to understand that the shadow ban may not be imposed on the entire profile, but on certain posts only. In order to quickly regain the trust of the Instagram administration, we would advise to use the tips from experienced users:

• Stop new posts temporarily

• Exclude auto-promotion of the account

• Visit the profile from a tablet or smartphone, and try to avoid logging from the computers and laptops

• Do not follow new users and do not unfollow the existing accounts

• Verify hashtags and post descriptions. It is better to delete the dubious posts

• Remove the apps that can independently add likes and comments from your mobile device

• Do not change the password of your account, despite the messages about the need to change it

By following these tips, you can speed up the partial unlocking of the profile. But after eliminating the shadow ban, the rules cannot be broken in future. Otherwise, you can get a longer partial blocking or a permanent profile blocking.

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How to Avoid Instagram Shadow Ban

Prevention of an Instagram shadow ban

There are simple ways of how to avoid Instagram shadow ban. For this you have to be fully engaged in the account promotion. It is better not to use special programs that promote profiles for free. With their help, you can only increase the number of robotized pages that will not show the necessary activity in your account. In addition, there is a high probability of catching virus when downloading a free app.

It is important to keep an eye on the published content. There should be no aggressive, provocative, pornographic records in the profile. In addition, drugs, alcohol, suicidal tendencies cannot be promoted. Photos should also be censored so that the Instagram administration does not receive complaints from other users.

Experienced Instagrammers use the professional help in the account promotion from the company All-SMM. This service will increase the Instagram popularity with the allowed methods. The cost of the services is low and affordable for any user. It is more profitable to use the professional help, than to earn a shadow block by promoting yourself.

To avoid a decrease in the profile activity, you have to know in advance why do Instagram shadow ban added. Compliance with the rules of Instagram administration will prevent the unexpected stopping of the account activity. And if you have to increase the number of followers, likes and comments quickly, it is better to contact the experts.

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