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What Content is Interesting for Facebook Users

What kind of content to post on Facebook? A recent study showed that the category of tests is most popular among users on the social network Facebook. Specialists conducted a large analysis and divided the posts into the following types of Facebook content:

1. Tests.

2. Texts.

3. Practical recommendations.

4. Videos.

5. Quizzes.

6. Infographic posts.

What Content is Interesting for Facebook Users

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Tests that have received the title of the most popular content have 51 thousand reposts. If we compare, the second place is taken by the category of texts with 15 thousand reposts. This result can be explained. Tests are connected with the self-esteem. They always remind us and our friends of uniqueness. Therefore, we remind everyone of what is interesting to us.

Maximum length of the text post is 2500 words.

When mobile gadgets became popular and entered our lives, people have changed. The ability to concentrate correctly for a long time has just disappeared. Therefore, there was a need for small posts that one can quickly look through with the eyes. But studies show very different data. Specialists compared sharing and the number of words in posts. It turned out that posts with longer texts receive more reposts. This amount is equal to seven thousand. In comparison, posts with 500-word text get 15 percent less reposts, while posts with a thousand-word text 24 percent less posts.

But, if the number of words exceeds 2500 thousand, the number of readers drops. Therefore, the main conclusion that can be drawn from this relates to the fact that users value clarity and information.

What Content is Interesting for Facebook Users

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Facebook maximum movie size is 4:20.

Videos are also a pretty popular category of content. In order for a video to gain a significant number of views and reposts, it must be about 250 seconds long. This conclusion was reached by the experts, having analyzed about 500 thousand videos. It is worth saying that the same videos are equally popular in other social networks. It is also interesting that the 10 most popular authors gain 60 percent of the total number of reposts.

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