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Setting Up and Designing a Facebook Group

Facebook is the most popular social network on the Internet. In addition to personal profiles, there are also Facebook groups. They are used for communication and discussing various interesting topics, and in exceptional cases they can be used for selling goods or services. How to create your own Facebook group? You will learn this from this article.

Facebook group types

Creating a group, as well as registering a user on Facebook, does not require any costs. Initially, you need to go through the registration procedure to create a personal profile.

For further actions, solve the issue of focusing on the use of the community. The decision made directly affects the choice of the group type.

Setting Up and Designing a Facebook Group

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The types of Facebook communities are as follows:

• Secret - they cannot be detected by a search engine. Other users can join such a group only by your invitation or invitation from other community members;

• Closed - they can be detected by a search engine, but you personally invite all users into the group as an administrator - they won’t be able to become community members without your approval;

• Open - any interested person can join.

The groups of secret type are usually set up for secret conversations that only community members have access to. Such communities are not the best option for commercial purposes, since they cannot be found in the search engine, and therefore it is impossible to learn about them in some way. You can join groups of this kind only via the administrator, who will send you a link to it - it is a kind of invitation.

A closed group can be found by absolutely all Facebook users. They can see the composition of the group members, but in order to get into it, they need to send a membership request to the administrator. Users who are not in a closed group cannot see the posts and photos in it.

An open-type community allows users to visit your group, watch topics, read posts, put likes, etc. It can be easily found in a search engine.

Groups you are already a member of are displayed on the left.

In addition to groups, there are Facebook public pages that promote brands in the market.

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How to create a group on Facebook

1. To create your own group, click on the command "Create a new group".

2. Then give name to the group, determine its type and send invitations to join at least to one user, click the "Create" button. If you do not send an invitation to at least one person, the system will not be able to generate your community.

3. It is important not to forget and put a tag on “Pin among the quick links” not to lose your group among other ones.

4. Selecting one of the offered icons, click OK.

Congratulations! Your group has been created! It will appear in your list of groups on the left. Now you can proceed to design.

After you have managed to create a community, you need to do the following:

1. Put a profile picture of the group - upload a photo or add the existing one to your personal page.

2. Add a description of the group and its topics, as well as indicate the country and city.

3. As for the closed groups, the system provides key questions that can be chosen. They will have to be answered by each user who wants to join your community.

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Facebook group features

The group allows to use the following functionality:

· Send invitations to users (the system will independently recommend people who are among your friends). Also, you have the opportunity to add friends by their personal data;

· Publish entries by adding photos or videos to them;

· Organizing polls;

· Live streaming online;

· Generating new communities.

In addition, you can publish files and albums with photos in your group, notify about events, and offer your products to other people. Use the three dots icon in the recording window, and you will open the whole spectrum of features.

You can also follow the discussions in your group and its members. There is also a search bar.

Setting Up and Designing a Facebook Group

Through the “Group Management” menu, you can watch complaints about the community, pending entries, applications for joining.

By clicking the three dots icon near the “Share” command, you can add users, change settings, create related communities, save the group in the archive and use other functions.

How to promote a Facebook group

Each administrator would like to have more followers in their Facebook group and make their group well-known.

So that a large number of people could learn about the existence of your community, click on the "Share" command.

From their list you need to choose where exactly to publish information about your group, and click "Publish."

To ensure that information about the group is distributed quickly, you can use Facebook advertising services.

Facebook developers made sure that the interface was convenient and easy to manage. You just need to practice a bit to take full advantage of all the features.

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How to create a public Facebook page

Public Facebook pages are not that suitable for interaction and communication between the system participants as groups, but they are more efficient in terms of brand development. If you are the owner of an enterprise, a celebrity, or an individual with extravagant abilities, you definitely should start your page.

The page is created similarly - click on the "Page" in the lower left corner.

Then determine the type of page and category from the list, come up with the name and click "Start".

Then set a picture of your page and start publishing posts.

How to promote a public page

Topromote a public page on Facebook , you can use the "Share" command, after that the information about the page will be presented in your feed and in the feed of your friends and other groups.

On the right there are “Tips for pages” where you will be recommended to tell your friends about the page. With this command you can send an offer with a request to put like to your page to your friends.

Facebook also offers its advertising services for a cash reward. You will be offered these services when publishing each entry.

By clicking the three dots icon located near the Share button, you will see the available options - following statistics, organizing an event, etc.

Facebook is an immense platform for both communication and for making a profit, promoting and advertising of your product. Use the full range of features offered by the system, and attract new customers to yourself, enhancing your reputation. Use the cheat system for Facebook, since Facebook followers will add reliability and increase confidence in your page.

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