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YouTube Popularity. How to Use the Network’s Features

YouTube is one of the most popular social networks all over the world, along with Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Tumblr and many others. Each of the networks has a specific goal - for example, in addition to watching and searching for videos, YouTube allows Internet users to create their own channels, gain the audience and attract new visitors by interesting content.

However, other accounts are becoming more popular with the help of special applications that boost subscribers on the YouTube channel. Why it is necessary, what are the benefits of such promotion is the topic of this article.

YouTube Popularity. How to Use the Network’s Features


  • Why YouTube promotion is needed
  • For business
  • For blogging
  • For those trying to get to the media
  • The advantages of YouTube boost
  • What the service price depends on

Why YouTube promotion is needed

For example, a user googles ‘YouTube video to watch’ and adds other thematic words to the request - the search engine shows him the most visited YouTube channels on the desired topic. If the channel is delivering something interesting and posting a worthy content, but it’s not popular, the likelihood that it will be noticed is about zero.

Promotion on YouTube is needed in different cases: for business development, for blogger channel promotion, or for your talent to get noticed by potential sponsors, etc.

For business

Any company (even a small one) wants to have a good reputation - this can be achieved by producing only high-quality goods. However, what if there is no demand for a product / service? No worries! The YouTube channel of the company visualizing the process of producing goods or videos with the practical use of goods are interesting and will attract potential buyers.

For blogging

Blogging is a very popular ‘occupation’ now. Yes, yes, it is a profession, because one can earn on it. For example, various shops offer agreements to popular bloggers - they get a product and make a video review on it. As for the payment, it could be either a free use of this product or a material reward. The more popular is the account, the more likely some store will pay attention to it.

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For those trying to get to the media

People who sing and dance well often create their own YouTube channels, where they upload videos of their work in hope to get noticed. Again, by scrolling through views or subscribers, you can raise the rating of the channel – it will give a chance of being sponsored in future.

YouTube Popularity. How to Use the Network’s Features

The advantages of YouTube boost

  1. Security. By boosting subscribers and views manually, you risk losing your channel because of the ban from the YouTube administration. Ordering boost at the professional resources, the risk of a ban is minimized.
  2. ‘Live views’. Such programs work only with real users, so the views on the video of your channel will be gathered actively and efficiently, with the involvement of users from VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Saving time. Manual boost is tedious and takes a lot of time. But the order of services through the program will happen quickly and with a 100% result - the effect can be observed immediately after the payment is done.
  4. Saving money. Ordering such a service is really beneficial, because by expanding the channel, the user will get the opportunity to earn on his popularity by making advertising on YouTube, as well as donations from visitors. So, the boost pays off quickly.

What the service price depends on

  1. Choosing an offer boost or a CAP-service. ‘Offers’ are real people who subscribe a given link (promotion site), comment, like, write comments for a certain fee, therefore the offer price is a bit more expensive, but it is more effective as well. Other users are more likely to believe reviews from real accounts than bots or ‘faceless’ pages, that is why most channel owners request for the offer boost.
  2. From the amount of boost. Usually, services providing such services offer customers bonus packages, for example, when ordering more than 1000 views, the program offers a ‘like + comments’ package with a discount. Find out more about the special offers before ordering boost not to miss your bonus.

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