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How to Earn on YouTube

Video monetization is gaining momentum. Most viewed YouTube videos turn into hard coin. Authors of the videos that have an unprecedented number of views turn their hobbies into full-fledged earnings. Anyone can open a personal blog. The YouTube channel, which is constantly filled with interesting videos, receives new subscribers, views, likes and comments. The profitability of the channel depends on a number of factors, among which the uniqueness and usefulness of the content, competent promotion and constant filling in with content.


1. Why is it worth starting a blog on YouTube?

2. YouTube monetization methods

2.1. What is an affiliate program and media network?

2.2. Earnings from direct advertisers

2.3. Sponsor subscription

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How to Earn on YouTube

Why is it worth having a blog on YouTube?

Video content is always available for viewing. The video can be easily found, regardless of the date of appearance on the channel. For example, in order to find a specific post in the social networks, you have to scroll the feed for certain time. It is unlikely that some users will decide to “kill” an hour searching for the necessary information. But with the videos, things are different. It’s enough to enter a search query, and YouTube will immediately offer a lot of suitable videos. Thus, having posted a video once, you will earn on it for years.

On the video hosting they upload the author’s content, their own videos, video sequences and more. The music for YouTube videos is used. If we consider the monetization of your own website with earnings on YouTube, then the latter is much easier to work with than the first one. In addition, you will faster see the “live” money here than on the promotion of sites. The following facts speak in favor of the video hosting resource:

  •  working with video does not require large investments;
  •  any user can “open” a channel;
  •  low level of competition;
  • a huge audience of the potential subscribers is divided only with a language barrier;
  •  it is easier to understand the creation and optimization of the channel / video;
  •  no need to worry about the security and updating the system, all technical issues are covered by the video hosting;
  •  the ability to get to the top YouTube videos with the specialized ALL-SMM service.

The owner of the YouTube channel receives a cash reward in dollars. You can earn money on YouTube in several ways.

YouTube monetization methods

How to monetize YouTube videos? The following types of monetization of video content are available:

1. Participation in an affiliate program or the using a multi-channel network to display commercials from Google AdSense.

2. Advertising brands, services and online stores that pay for the video in order to get potential customers.

3. Sponsorship subscription.

Each type of earnings has its own characteristics, which you should learn about before monetizing videos on YouTube.

What is an affiliate program and media network?

YouTube offers an official affiliate program to all bloggers with over one thousand followers on their channel. According to the terms, an ad from Google AdSense appears before the launch of the video and during it. The viewer watches the advertisement and the owner receives a reward. A simple form of earnings, according to which a blogger receives 55% of the advertising cost, and YouTube itself takes the remaining 45%.

The requirements for the affiliate program participants are constantly changing, so check them out in advance. In addition to the number of subscribers, the owner can check the viewing hours during the year. This indicator is total. All videos that are publicly available on the video hosting are taken into account. The potential amount of earnings can be seen using the YouTube Analytics tool. You will learn about the accrued money through the personal account of the "affiliate".

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Multichannel network acts as an intermediary between video hosting and YouTube. It doesn’t offer such a high bid for displaying ads as an affiliate program. The owner of the channel receives only 25-35% from advertising. Media networks provide an opportunity to earn on advertising in Google. In cooperation, they charge a fee for the services provided:

  • simple and quick withdrawal of funds;
  • various promotion tools;
  • training, technical support and more.

In this case, the profitability is affected by the following:

  • number of commercials;
  • ad format;
  • price for 1 ad;
  • geolocation of potential customers;
  • audience reach;
  • “depth” of viewing authorial content;
  • quality of videos and their subject.

How to Earn on YouTube

Please note that the media network does not pay for the demonstration of advertising, but for watching it. Only those impressions that the viewer has watched till the end or has watched the first 30 seconds are taken into account.

The main advantage of the above methods is that the blogger is free to create. Advertising is displayed without the participation of the channel owner. It’s enough to set everything up and make a profit, but in order for it to appear, you have to work hard. The disadvantage is the low cost of one impression.

Earnings from direct advertisers

This monetization option is attractive in terms of earnings. This is not about pennies, but about thousands. But in order to interest the advertiser, you need to become an opinion leader. TOP bloggers are asking for one showing of ad from 250 thousand rubles to 1.5 million. Impressive amount, isn’t it? It is high time to roll up your sleeves. A million of subscribers, likes every second and video views day and night - the goal will be reached. But this is not true for all channels. There are advertisers interested in "average" channels. This applies to the highly specialized niches, which do not need a million viewers.

To ask for cooperation at the very beginning is the way to spam. Brands, online stores and other trading platforms will be interested in the channel if it has excellent statistics on engagement, impeccable optimization of video metadata, and more.

There is a desire to start cooperation, but there is no opportunity to find an advertiser? We solve this issue. There are special advertising exchanges where bloggers “meet” the potential customers. The exchange charges a commission for its services, but at the same time it guarantees payment to the contractor and monitors the fulfillment of the advertiser’s requirements.

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Sponsor subscription

This type of earnings is possible for a YouTuber who has managed to acquire a loyal audience. However, the most viewers have already moved to the so-called "fan zone". You can distinguish fans from ordinary people on one basis - they are ready to support their beloved blogger financially. A YouTuber offers them additional content, access to the closed communities and other “goodies” for a monthly fee or a one-time payment. Monthly payments are called sponsorship. It is available to the bloggers of legal age with more than 30 thousand followers.

All methods of monetization are achievable and real. Creating interesting content and promoting the channel using the ALL-SMM service will accelerate the first income.

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