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TikTok: Details on Promotion in the New Social Network

TikTok is the result of the merge of two popular services in China. As a result, the world got a new social network popular all over the world. These days TikTok is gaining momentum and becomes more and more popular with every month: the number of users of the service increases, the conversion grows. How could one create a popular account there that will collect many likes, followers and views?

TikTok: Details on Promotion in the New Social Network


  • Promotion model
  • Selection of music
  • Work with key indicators
  • Increase the number of followers
  • Likes boost
  • Role of views
  • Who could help?

Promotion model

To gain popularity, it is necessary to join TikTok, the growing network, as soon as possible. To be honest, the account should already have been created yesterday, and today it should be promoted. Speed is a key indicator in the fast-growing modern services. Therefore, it is necessary to begin the work on promotion immediately. Ideally, it should be started with a certain amount of knowledge that will help in TikTok promotion.

Selection of music

The key point in promoting is not a TikTok video, but it is much more important to select the music correctly. There are several different options here. You can choose classic compositions, originated from the twentieth century. This is a great idea that will allow to gain a more ‘mature’ audience. If you make a bet on the contemporary music, you can face high competition. However, the audience here is more numerous: about five younger people per one adult user.

Work with key indicators

The analysis of your account’s key indicators is also an important task. For this, you can use third-party services allowing to analyse different data. Taking these indicators into consideration, you can decide in which situation it is worth adding something new to your account, and when, on the contrary, to refuse from the innovative ideas and ways of promotion. The most important thing here is to maintain a certain balance. Even if you make a choice in favour of boost, you should always remember that the growth of followers’ number within the network should not slow down. On the contrary, with proper boost, the number of views, likes and followers should only grow.

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Increase the number of followers

Working with followers is a difficult task. However, if you do that smartly, it will allow to create a popular account in the social network. Remember, that followers appear only in those accounts, where account owners want it. Creating new, unique content; using new technologies; constant analysis of the audience – this is not the full list of the components of success.

TikTok: Details on Promotion in the New Social Network

Likes boost

What do all potential followers and viewers pay attention to? Likes number! This indicator has become a key one in many social networks. And most aggregators use likes for determining the relevance of promoting content to the top. Buying likes has become a necessary measure, used by all owners of popular TikTok accounts.

Role of views

Alongside with the likes, do not forget about the views. This parameter is not that crucial for the growth of the channel, but it would be stupid to underestimate its influence. Views affect the audience growth. The more of them, the more interesting is the content perception. Banal psychology works here: the more views, the more people get interested in the post. Other users see this and understand that so many viewers cannot be wrong. Therefore, when working with your account, you need to focus on all the three key indicators.

Who could help?

Today, there are many third-party services for followers, viewers and views boost. Most of them are OK. However, it is the best option to entrust your account promotion to the professionals specialising on the latest promotion technologies, https://us.all-smm.com/.

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