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"Responsible Blogger is a Successful Blogger": Content Plan for a Personal Instagram Blog

Blogging is very popular all over the world. Some people blog for the sake of communication with people, while others build a profitable business on blogging. How not to get lost among millions of bloggers, and what are the main components of success?


• Quality content: what does it mean?

• Content plan for Instagram

• Why should a blogger stick to a plan?

• The main components of a content plan

• Useful tips to help a blogger

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Quality content: what does it mean?

The content of the blog is the most important thing, so it should be preceded by serious preparation. You should not post photos from parties or from a kindergarten in the neighborhood alongside with the reviews on business literature and videos about the history of the Middle Ages. The right approach to the development and success of the blog includes the preparation of the Instagram content strategy.

Content plan for Instagram

Why should a blogger stick to a plan?

When starting the blog, most authors are full of ideas about what they will cover in their accounts. Two unpleasant moments are possible here: 1) at some point, ideas may finish and there will be a “burnout”; 2) unsystematic posting on various topics will lead not to the increase of the audience, but to the effect of its “blurring”, i.e. the pool of regular readers will not be formed, followers will appear and disappear. It’s best to boost Instagram followers at the beginning so that the blog is live from the start.

The main components of a content plan

In simple words, a content plan is a list of posts planned ahead for certain time interval. The minimum planning interval is a week, the recommended one is a quarter.

1. Various types of posts. A variety of posts attract readers with certain preferences: some like reviews and interviews, while others like life stories, practical recommendations, polls or videos, etc.

2. Finding ideas for writing texts. Possible sources of inspiration may include: competitors' blogs, forums on a given topic, foreign resources, specialized programs for processing user requests, etc.

3. Ordering selected topics. The prepared plan of posts should be divided into sections, a brief outline of the content.

4. The distribution of posts by time. The most common way is when each day of the week is given a certain category. Also, attention is paid to the time of readers’ activity. It depends on the target audience of the blog and is determined empirically.

5. Control measures. It is important not only to follow the developed plan, but also to adjust it quickly. For example, if some section does not attract the attention of readers, then it should be replaced.

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Useful tips to help a blogger

For successful work in the blogosphere, we can recommend the following:

1. Pay attention to the work with photo and video materials. The materials posted must be of good quality, but not of too big size and not too long.

2. With maximum responsibility, treat the content plan. It should be adhered to. You don’t need to flood readers with dozens of posts and videos per day, but the updates should be regular so that the interest of the audience is heated.

3. Try to write useful posts, do not mix personal life and business promotion. Even if you adhere to the plan for the regularity of posts, but at the same time write about nothing, like the weather or flowers, there will start unfollowing.

If you need help in creating a content plan for your Instagram personal blog, you can use the all-smm service. Gaining followers and the high-quality content is the key to success and prosperity.

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