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What Works Better: a Facebook Group or a Facebook Business Page?

The social network Facebook has an audience of millions of users. It remains only to learn how to use it for your business promotion. Working on the social network is a direct contact with representatives of the target audience through Facebook group chat, that might be new potential customers. Certain knowledge is needed for the practical implementation of an electronic tool, filling a business page, attracting an audience to it, etc.


  •  Facebook business opportunities
  •  Closed group
  •  Moderation
  •  Community management
  •  Feedback
  •  Group features
  •  Increasing the popularity of a business page
  •  Features of business pages
  •  Page promotion
  •  For whose benefit is the choice?
  •  Approaches to Facebook business pages promotion

Facebook business opportunities

20-30 million users is the monthly share of the Russian-speaking audience on this social network. The average age is 30 years. These are active people who have money. Social network content is with high functionality, both informative and entertaining. You can use different directions for the development of the enterprise success:

1. The business Facebook page works as a business card for commercial sites. Here the announcements from the main resources and thematic information are posted. This is how a community is created, the participants of which are focused on regular visits to a business site.

2. A closed group on Facebook is a tool for creating close ties between business and customers. The feeling of an elitism of joining the group contributes to the customer retention, increases sales, and reduces returns.

3. Thematic page. Information is posted on a certain topic, involving users and pushing for the further action.

4. Targeting advertising.

5. Expanding the client base using advertising, interesting content on a business page.

Closed group

Created by the companies to be easily found by the customers. This helps to increase the flow of requests for participation in the group. The community is perceived as a valuable offer that translates into increased sales. Facebook group rules regulate teamwork by creating a healthy environment. The permissive or prohibitive character can frighten the potential customers, so you can submit the rules as recommendations to create a friendly and safe atmosphere in the community (listing behavioral standards).


To stop breaking the rules, leverage of control is needed to maintain a healthy community. Moderation controls the dialogue within the group. It consists in tracking the chat and deleting aggressive and dubious posts, followed by a personal message explaining the reasons for the removal of the post. In most cases, the author does not suspect that they have violated the established rules, therefore, acting with polite determination will be the basis for avoiding unpleasant moments in correspondence.

Community management

The manager functions include:

  •  focusing the attention of participants on the required content;
  •  the right people;
  •  product being sold.

Creating relations helps increase the group’s usefulness to the customers. The moderator requires knowledge of the content and the use of special tables for a clear organization of work. Requires the ability to give quick advice about goods (perfect knowledge of the product range).


Tags can help managing it by creating a closed group feedback with an understanding of what is worth working on to increase the efficiency.

Group features

  •  They are public, private and secret.
  •  Information from groups is not available in the news feed, participants learn about it from email.
  •  Inability to use apps and individual blocks.
  •  Advertising per group is not configured.
  •  Lists of participants are open to the follower.
  •  Ability to make posts, comments, polls, put likes, create group chats.

How many participants are needed to open a group, there is no specific number. Continuous investment in the online platform will contribute to the growth of the number of participants, and hence the promotion of the business.

Increasing the popularity of a business page

The platform is created to familiarize users with their product. Functionally, it is built to demonstrate and popularize the materials of the creators of a business project. The communication function plays a secondary role.

Features of business pages

  •  Public area with search engines. You can limit the subscription only by region and age.
  •  All information from the page is reflected in the news feeds of followers.
  •  Ability to form blocks (contacts, reviews, store).
  •  All data regarding the followers is hidden.
  •  In-depth statistics showing various indicators.
  •  Connecting to the services and app page.
  •  Unique page URL.
  •  The ability to target ads.
  •  The owner can publish news from visitors.
  •  Adding a call to action button.

Page promotion

  •  Knowing and using interests of the target audience using native advertising.
  •  Correct content on the page: photo and cover in a business style, according to the line of activity, more interesting information about yourself and your business. Filling in the "Information" section is required.
  •  Maintaining relations with the followers.
  •  Alternating sales posts with interesting information.
  •  In the Shop section, you should exhaustively fill in all options related to the product.
  • For whose benefit is the choice?
  • What should be preferred in promoting a business - Facebook page or group? The goal is the core of choice:
  •  active discussion of business projects, exchanging thoughts, productive discussions - this is the need to create groups;
  •  advertising a product in the first-person, accompanied by the comments and user reviews (type of feedback) requires the creation of business pages.

Approaches to Facebook business pages promotion

A free way of promotion involves creating interesting content and constant replenishing it with new information, inviting followers from the ordinary account and from a profile from other social networks. You can use mutual entry into the community.

In order not to use the services of expensive advertising, you should use the paid services that will offer regional-level followers, as well as select them by age and gender. Their services will cost much cheaper than advertising.

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