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Reasons Why Facebook Ads Do Not Work

Facebook targeted ads are the main means of promoting a business and attracting customers. Often such phenomena are not very effective. Money is spent, but there is no result. In this case, you should learn the techniques of how to find your target audience on Facebook. Let's see also how to target business owners on Facebook.


  •  Common problems
  •  Target selection
  •  Metrics
  •  Stabilization of results
  •  Promise
  •  Pixels
  •  What else should one know?
  •  Facebook rules
  •  Budget
  •  Targeting
  •  Optimization
  •  Conclusions

Common problems

Even if the ad doesn't work, do not despair. There are various techniques for improving the performance. Consider the common problems and methods for solving them.

Target selection

Decide what you would like to achieve as a result. Set tasks. Based on this, conduct market research, looking at the similar offers. Based on the results, select the Facebook target audience. It is on these users that special attention should be paid. Develop a further algorithm based on the indicators of potential customers.

As an example, consider the launch of an advertising video. If you want to increase traffic on your site, this technique will not work. This is due to the fact that few people want to follow the link to a third-party resource. You’ll need to use another way to increase conversion.


Facebook allows to maintain a journal with the statistics on promotion are stored. The results depend on what goal you have originally set for yourself.

Please note that the social network provides a large number of statistical tools for analytics. You can display this data in a separate report that can be analyzed. To do this, just configure the correct display of the components on the corresponding page. You will receive a list of items. Just check the boxes in front of the information you would like to get.

You can also save common action templates. This will optimize tracking of the common activities. Saving settings is also quite easy.

Stabilization of results

It will take some time to track the first results. You will not be able to see the full picture after several hours of launching an advertisement. This is due to the features of using Facebook, as well as the target audience. Browse the traffic curve to see the results. It most clearly displays the user activity for a certain period. As you can see, the data may vary depending on the day of the week or time of day.

The result stabilizes after a while. Therefore, you should not expect quick results of work. Better be patient and wait for the final results.


The effectiveness of your advertising campaign depends on several factors. This is influenced by what you choose as the base of the ad. You need to find the right approach to encourage a potential customer to take any action. For example, leave an email address or call back.

If people go to the resource, but immediately close the page. Try connecting services to collect analytic information. They will help to correctly assess the main reasons for the negative response from the potential customers. If there are some errors, check that the page you are redirecting to is correct.


They must be set up in order for the ad to be considered as an ad. For example, it is recommended to establish the result of a certain action in accordance with its purpose. The best way to track performance is to set up statistical tools.

If you adjust the pixel incorrectly, the results can be significantly distorted. If you expect any action from the target audience, it is recommended to set up the appropriate pixel on your site, which will simplify the task of monitoring data in the future. If you configure something incorrectly, Facebook does not work correctly. Because of this, great difficulties arise that can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

What else should one know?

There are some nuances that need to be determined first. You need to study the advertising policy on Facebook carefully in order to simplify your task.

Facebook rules

The social network is quite strictly related to advertising campaign. It is necessary to compile the content in such a way that it complies with the design rules. Otherwise, your ad will be blocked. Examine existing examples regularly to help you avoid the common mistakes.

If your ad is not designed according to the rules, you will be blocked for a short period of time. Please note that the ad with a large amount of text in images also gets blocked, so this parameter should be checked before posting. Try to use an allowed number of characters.


Keep tracking your overall budget. Depending on the target audience and other parameters, payment for advertising changes each time. Track this setting to prevent your ads from being blocked. With small attachments, the ad may not even appear in the stream.


Target according to the parameters of the target audience. Do the appropriate research beforehand. Decide on what the average customer looks like. There are filters on Facebook allowing to set up all the necessary characteristics.

There is a convenient tool that collects statistics on the target audience. This will help learn who responds to the most of your ad. Pre-test your audience to get the best results.


Read the ad text carefully. Make sure all options are listed. Customize your ads to the needs of your target audience.


Advertising on Facebook requires cash and time investment. Before starting it, conduct a thorough study of the area to find the optimal settings for each parameter.

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