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Ideas and Tips for Launching Contests on Facebook

The social networks Facebook and Instagram are very popular among the Internet users, regardless of age, status and gender. Very often, these platforms are used for commercial purposes. Therefore, the number of page followers plays an important role in its maintenance. How to run a contest on Facebook to attract followers? How to do a Facebook contest successfully and effectively? All business profiles face these issues sooner or later. Further we will tell about the peculiarities and the contest ideas for Facebook.


1. Features of launch and holding a contest on Facebook.

2. TOP 10 ideas for Facebook contests.

3. Life hacks and recommendations.

Features of launch and holding a contest on Facebook

Most recently, the Facebook contest rules have been changed. They regulate the venue of the contest, the use of likes in the form of voting. All these parameters are important for the implementation of marketing campaigns by the commercial accounts. With the right approach, giveaway organizers can attract a sufficient number of target audience and increase the degree of user engagement.

According to the innovations, the owner of the profile cannot demand to become a follower, to repost, to tag friends and acquaintances in the pictures. Such actions are often violated by other users, but they can lead to a shadow ban and other negative factors. Therefore, it is possible to launch the contest with the following conditions:

• put like to the post;

• leave one or more comments;

• send a private message;

• publish a photo, a picture on their page with the necessary hashtag.

It is also possible to combine several conditions into one, for example, put a “heart” or “thumbs up” and comment the post. Such actions do not violate the norms established by the administration of the social network.

TOP 10 ideas for Facebook contests

It’s easier for giveaway members to leave a like and comment under a contest post. The combination of such actions allows to reach a large target audience, to increase their activity. But is it worth it to stop? We turn on the fantasy and direct it to attracting followers:

1. Invite a friend to share the winnings. A potential invitation in the comments allows the further expanding the reach of people by the competition. Most often, friends and acquaintances also fulfill the conditions described under the photo;

2. Tell why you participate in the competition. Sometimes it might be accompanied by a "heart" and by an assigned hashtag;

3. Answer the question asked. The gift is played among the people who have answered it correctly;

4. Guess what is shown in the picture or what the prize will be;

5. Finish the phrase or fill in the blanks in it. The award will be sent to the author of the best / most interesting / funniest comment;

6. Pass the test or select the answer from the offered ones;

7. Come up with a text or a short story to the posted photo. This can be a tagline for a product or brand, advertising, dialogue and much more. Options can be limited only by the imagination of the organizer;

8. Select and post in the profiles or comments your photo that meets the given topic. This is one of the most creative options. Often, it needs long preparation by the participants, which sometimes leads to the lower coverage of the target audience. But, despite this fact, this type of contest remains in the memory of the account followers for a long time;

9. Demonstrate personal creative opportunities on the topic of giveaway. You can limit yourself to a picture, poem, craft, or give a choice to the participants;

10. Crowdsourcing. The legal entity offers followers to take on a specific function, for example, choose a name for a new product, come up with a commercial, add a unique ingredient to the recipe, and much more.

Such simple, at first glance, ideas will help to hold an interesting competition where many followers and strangers would like to take part.

Life hacks and recommendations

Giveaways and rallies are held for the sole purpose of attracting a target audience interested in a particular area of ​​business account activity. But sometimes outsiders attracted solely by the prize become participants of the event. Most often, such followers are deleted after summing up. To ensure that the campaign is successful and brings the desired result, we can recommend:

• use your product or service as a prize. Thus, your activity will be in the spotlight;

• do not delay the selection of the winner on the last day. Immediately after the launch of the action, organize a sign in GoogleDocs to add the names of participants. This process takes a lot of time, but this way you will make it easier to summarize;

• hold events less than 20 days long. The best option is 7-14 days maximum. This way, people will not lose interest in it;

• prescribe restrictions. For example, minors, empty or commercial profiles are not allowed to participate in the competition. This will increase the quality of followers, and the gift will get into good hands;

• provide comprehensive information on the conditions, prizes and methods of choosing the winner. This minimizes misunderstanding, negative consequences, complaints.

Such marketing campaigns are recommended to be conducted for increasing the brand loyalty and attracting attention. If you want to increase the popularity of a page quickly and efficiently, this can be done through the services specializing on artificial promotion. Contests and giveaways can increase the activity, recognition of your company on the Internet.

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