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How to Create and Set up a Facebook Advertising Account

Facebook is a social network that provides great opportunities for promoting a business. Here you can create a personal account that will allow to set up Facebook targeted ads. You just have to create the Facebook advertising strategy. Everything else can be understood on practice. Below are the Facebook advertising tips that will help you achieve the desired result.


  •  What is a Facebook advertising manager?
  •  Key features
  •  Creating an account
  •  Configuration and management
  •  Types of advertising accounts
  •  Funding the account
  •  Opening access
  •  Conclusions

What is a Facebook advertising manager?

The social network has an ADS Manager, which is distributed free of charge. Everyone can create their own ads and promote them. Tools are also provided and allow to track statistics, analyze the data received and draw up a plan of future actions based on them. It should be noted that the price of advertising on Facebook directly depends on the result you expect to receive.

You will be able to create various ads, view them before publishing, make changes. This service is available both for mobile devices and computers. It can be used by large and small companies, private entrepreneurs in accordance with the development plan.

It is possible to get engaged in targeted promotion of the post. At the same time, the targeting opportunities among the target audience get reduced, so you should take a balanced decision in advance. The best idea is to conduct a full-fledged advertising campaign, that will be easier to promote in complex.

To get to the appropriate page for creating your personal account, you can perform the following actions:

  •  follow the link on the Internet to this page;
  •  go to the point of creating an advertisement in the account settings menu;
  •  use the mobile app and go to the settings menu.

Advertising can be created by all Facebook users. To do this, it is not necessary to create a special business account. If you require synchronization of several resources, it is recommended to use the Facebook business manager.

This tool makes it possible to create advertising posts for several users at once. Here you can control a variety of tools. You can upload various documents and directories required for collaboration, which is very convenient for large teams working from all over the world.

Key features

Before starting an advertising campaign, you should pay attention to such features and your capabilities:

  •  setting various settings, viewing statistics, using analytical tools, and much more, which can greatly simplify the collection and classification of information resources;
  •  installation of filters by metrics - this allows to quickly identify the necessary points in order to analyze them and get the result;
  •  with just one button you can start a simple advertising campaign;
  •  account overview - a list of all announcements, statistics for a certain period is stored here;
  •  view the list of all ads, configure and manage them;
  •  getting results for each ad in order to identify weaknesses;
  •  individual setting of columns with connection and display of the necessary components;
  •  reporting with certain data - the ability to import them to the device in any of the proposed formats;
  •  viewing data for a specific period or by date;
  •  receiving advertising campaign results for in-depth analysis and adjustment of the promotion strategy;
  •  viewing cost of advertising on Facebook.

As you can see, an advertising account provides many opportunities for those who plan to get engaged in the promotion of certain products or services on Facebook.

Creating an account

To create an advertising account, you need to go to the corresponding tab of the social network. It is required to indicate the name, name of the management company, time zone, payment methods and currency. This is what will be used to create and promote ads. If necessary, you can change the currency.

After creating an account, you can easily manage all your ads under one account. It also provides the opportunity to work together on advertising through other accounts.

Configuration and management

After creating an account, you can proceed to the basic settings. Consider the main points that are indispensable for promotion.

Types of advertising accounts

You can create accounts of different types:

1. Prepaid: with prepayment of ads. The required amount is added to the account and the ad starts.

2. Postpaid: the amount is withdrawn at the time of overcoming a certain limit on the value of the advertising company.

You can choose any type of account, depending on the need. Now you need to configure it in order to start promoting a product or service.

Funding the account

To create and effectively configure it, you need to replenish the balance through the selected method. To do this, go to the billing tab. Go to the payment section and fund your account. To do this, enter the identification code number. You will be taxed as an advertiser. After all these manipulations, confirm the validity of the transaction.

Opening access

If you plan to work on advertising with the colleagues, you must open access to your account. It may also be required to work with the customers, which allows to confirm your actions. To do this, go to the role distribution section of the advertising account. Here you need to select people from your Facebook friends list. Indicate the role in the team by selecting the required value from the drop-down list. You can remove access for a person by specifying their name in the corresponding list.


Facebook ads are available for every user. To run and manage them, it takes a certain amount of time and effort. For the most effective advertising campaign, you should correctly configure your personal account.

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