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SoundCloud: Key Features and Benefits

The main task of Soundcloud is listening to music, the player is integrated into the app. Here you can stream audio recordings and create playlists of unlimited volume. You can use the service without access to the Internet.


1. How to use SoundCloud.

2. Where to share SoundCloud music.

3. Service navigation.

4. SoundCloud app functionality.

5. Downloading your own tracks.

6. Messaging members of the music network.

7. Paid subscription.

8. Conclusion

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SoundCloud: Key Features and Benefits

How to use SoundCloud

To start using the app, create an account in SoundCloud. This can be done for free using the appropriate services on Google+ or Facebook. SoundCloud change profile photo can be done by the user. To do this, go to the home page and select the appropriate settings item.

The SoundCloud covering art can also be changed. To create a banner for SoundCloud, or choose a ready-made one, use the Canva app or any other on your choice.

If you don’t like the link name of your home page, SoundCloud change profile URL can be done. Doing this is extremely simple, tap on the Edit button and then on the Display name.

Where to share SoundCloud music

Directly from the SoundCloud app, the user can share audio in Instagram Stories. To listen to the song, the viewer should follow the link ‘Play on SoundCloud’. In order to share the music, use the Share button and then tap on the Instagram icon.

Service navigation

The main page of the user is a navigation bar with the posts published by friends. Here you can listen to the track, save it in your playlist, or put like.

The "Search" button is necessary if you are looking for a specific user, or the music you would like to listen to. The “collection” tab stores all compositions marked as liked or recently listened to. The app also has the option “Stream”, which hosts audio recordings gaining popularity.

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SoundCloud app functionality

• Playing stations - each user of the service can publish their own audio collections, that will be available to the general public. To listen to the songs, just tap on the station.

• Overview - on this page the user will be offered charts from Soundcloud, as well as a filter of songs by genre.

• Creating playlists - a music social network allows to create your own playlists. To do this, you need to find the song, tap on the “Properties” button and then on “Add to playlist”. Then it remains to choose which list to add the song to, or create a new one.

• Playing similar tracks - if you don’t have time to search for songs, you can tap on the three dots next to the songs you like and the app will automatically find similar audio recordings and stream them.

Many people use the service only for listening to music and its storage. Since Soundcloud is a cloud, audio can be played on any gadget. All that is required is the Internet access. If the app is used as a tool for listening to the music, then you need to pay attention to the copyright policy.

Some songs have the status "not for general use", that is, the author allowed to play it only on the home page. In this case, the composition will be deleted from your profile, and if you violate it again, there is a chance of getting into the ban.

SoundCloud: Key Features and Benefits

Downloading your own tracks

If you are a newbie performer, the app can be a good help for developing your creativity. For a track to be noticed, you need to come up with an enticing title. The correct name of the composition will help the audience differentiate between the numerous audio recordings.

Do not forget about uploading images to the track. There is no need to give numbers to the audio recordings on a social network, Soundcloud does it for you. To make your playlist more visible, learn how to use tags. A large number of downloaded tracks increases the number of listening. All this increases the chances that your song will be shared.

You can use the Spotlight feature, which allows to display the best playlists at the top of your profile.

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Messaging the music network members

The private messages are not supported in the app, although there is a chance that this feature will be added with the future updates. The user can subscribe to the group they like and share their tracks there. To open access to yourself, click on your name (relevant for the web version) and on the name of the group.

Since Soundcloud is positioned as a social network, you can chat here, but only when using the web version. The news center is located at the top of the main page. There you can see who has subscribed to you and sent messages.

Paid subscription

The music social network makes it possible to remove some restrictions by purchasing a paid subscription. There are several payment options, you can pay monthly or once a year. The extended version offers the following features:

• Analysis of statistics on listening to the personal compositions, the ability to determine the audience (gender, age, country).

• Being in the top of the playlist.

• Increased amount of free time for downloading songs (100 minutes in the free version).

• Access to the page where your audio recordings were mentioned.


The Soundcloud social network allows to listen to the new music from talented but little-known artists. This app is a rare case where the social component is combined with the process of listening to the songs. The app can be used on both iOS and Android, but it is in the browser version that the maximum of features has been implemented.

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